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Glitter Fingers! Glitter Placement

So much for running on time. Glitter Placement Gradient for the Glitter Prompt in the final Clairestelle8 June challenge, as my Nail Art Challenge binge continues. Even if I’m running a tad late. And yes I did catch up on the previous one too, but more on that later



I am not entirely sure where I was heading with this one, so it’s a bit of a mish-mash of things including vinyl, beads, stamping, sponging, glitter placement and a partridge in a pear tree. 🌱 There was a snowball’s chance in hell that I was going to do an epic all-in coverage of glitter on this feelin’-weary day, so two accent fingers it was 😁 I used some square glitters from @thesparklyshop which I have had for ages, but like many things here have been waiting to try out.


Gosh they are nice glitters though and they come in spectrums of colour that would fulfill any Colour Lover’s wet dream. Check them out if you are after glitters and are fond of glitter placement nail art. If you are you should check out these efforts for inspo: Polish All The Nails – hasn’t posted since 2015, but lots of glittery goodness and a lot of time spent 😉



  • For Audrey – China Glaze @chinaglazeofficial
  • Turn The Lights Out – Essence @essence_cosmetics


  • HK Girl top coat – Glisten & Glow @glistenandglow1
  • BM-S107 Stamping Plate – Bundle Monster @bundlemonster
  • Pointed Triangle Vinyls – Bundle Monster

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