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Holo. Is It Me You’re Looking For? – Nail Art

Holo. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Lionel Richie cries every time you don’t use holo polish. So that’s what I did. I tied it in with the prompt for Clairestelle8’s July Nail Art Challenge since that is what I seem to be doing lots of these days haha. I was craving some holo anyways and it seemed like a great time to whip out my Color Club.

Get some Color Clubs on Your Nubs! Geez, I’m full of the Dad branding puns this afternoon, eh?


So I used Harp On It for the silver holo – one that was the densest at the time so I purchased multiples. As you can see on the inverted ring finger, it doesn’t stamp as well as some of the other coloured holos from this brand, but it builds up to a nice solid silver base on it’s own in 2 coats.

You do need to slather with a layer of top coat to get a gorgeous shine, as with most holos which have a tendency to dry matte or satin in their finish. Look! Isn’t it pretty? Refer to the bottle shot above if you need to swoon. Some holo p0rn for all the holosexuals out there (the term as coined by Simply Nailogical).


I’m playing round with a slightly new nail shape at the moment. I do love to wear long nails, especially coffin and pointed nail types, but they get a bit impractical for my day-to-day. Not to mention make it harder to do general things such as play guitar like Prince, rub your eyes without doing permanent damage, and the like… Not sure how long I’ll keep them as such before reverting to something more practical, but fun whilst it lasts.


And here’s a close up of the plate I used to stamp with. Top right section with the cute lightning was the one I used.




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