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Dotted Spring Florals in Mint & Pink

Dotted Spring Florals in Mint & Pink are today’s mani. Because florals are another thing I haven’t worn in freaking aaages! And I do like them as a nail art. Plus, I wanted to do some stamping. So whilst I haven’t been doing much in the way of challenges this month, mostly due to all the ensuing post-exertion exhaustion I am experiencing, at least there’s flowers.

And speaking of both challenges and flowers, I was inspired to do the 31 Day Challenge’s Day 14 prompt ‘Flowers’ because I did aim to catch up on some of the ones I never quite got to do. Consider Day 14 did!


This mani involved the use of a dotting tool to make the white polka dots over the mint. I always love this OPI mint green. Seriously would marry it! Hehe…

The floral base began with a silicone mat, stamped with an UberChic stamp, which you can see in the image further down. The background was then created with a makeup sponge to dab on a radial gradient, and then turned into a reverse decal. I did it this way for ease rather than straight onto the nail bed today.


A video will be forthcoming when I get time to cobble it together. Feeling a bit under the weather today and it is blowing a gale. So florals are the perfect antidote to cold weather and warm up the insides.

This is a close up of the floral stamp that I used from collection 4, plate 2 from UberChic. Second from the left on the second row up from the bottom. This brand always make really great plates, and I have never had an issue with image pick up.


Here is the bottle line up:


Aaand the video!!




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