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Born Pretty Multichrome Powder & Flat Brush Review

So I didn’t get to finish the 31 Day Challenge after things got too hectic, after macerating 3 nails on my photo hand, and pretty much not having time. I will catch up on seeing what the rest of those who participated did when I get a chance. I am STILL packing and stuff…ready for when.

So today is another delayed post after a technical glitch lost all my video footage. Then I didn’t have a recording device after having to send it in and then there being two delays to get it back, so I apologise that it is not showing the process like regular videos due to the footage loss, stress and time limits.

I am reviewing the Born Pretty Multi-chrome Powder Chameleon Glitter Powder – Item No: 24086 and Nail Art Brush Flat Brush for UV Gel – Item No: 21965. use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your order at the website BornPrettyStore.com.


This flat brush is great quality and has a softer bristle, which makes it perfect for using with soft or hard gel application. It would also work well with pigments, powders and other viscous materials such as acrylic paints. It has a cap which doubles as an extender handle. It also arrives in the protective tubing pictured above.

It is a great size and shape for a clean up brush. Though being a little softer, this brush may not be the best option for polish cleanup around the nail for two reasons. Mainly because I believe that acetone would wreck this nice brush more quickly than other brush types, and also the brush head’s slight softness. I know many, including myself prefer using a ‘stronger’ brush for cleanup to get a cleaner finish with more control. Softer heads have less bristle control in tight spaces, so whilst it works well for some types of clean up, it is not the best all-round option. But personal preference, you may feel differently. Also personally I like to keep this one long term.


The powder is a fine milled powder that has a blue undertone. You can use it over regular polish but it is not as stunning looking as it is when used over a gel top coat. Again, no-wipe top coats give a great finish. You can see the effect in the re-shot video. I don’t have the application on gel footage as I lost it thanks to the series of bad luck and technical errors as mentioned above.

So the powder looks great over dark colours like blues, navy, greys and blacks. Also gloss or matte. It works over some lighter colours such as white, but other shades have mixed effects in both how good they look and how strong the effect is. Some shown below. You can play around with some base colours and see what you think, but it really makes a great base for galaxy nails and other types of nail art. I will show some of that in the coming posts when I am back on track.


HOT TIPS: Rinse the brush out well after you use the powder to avoid cross contamination, and put a drop sheet/mat/paper below where you are powdering your nails (as with the chrome powders) because they are lightweight and tend to get all over the place. A bit like my poor brain right now, haha 😀

You could also pre-mix it into a bit of gel top coat and brush it on, but I prefer the stronger effect it gives by ‘polishing’ it into the non-sticky gel top coat after it has been cured. Let me know if you have used it or are interested in trying it. It’s fun to use and adds a different element to an otherwise general polish colour.




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