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31DC2017 Day 27: Artwork – Robotnik Mixed Media Sculpture

I’ll leave this here. Just quickly popping by to post the #31DC2017Day 27 prompt: inspired by an artwork. Instead of choosing an artist I like, this year I went 3D!

I’m sorry for the delays, I’ve got far too much going on and need to look after myself above all else, but the tech issues didn’t help me! Fixed now, so I’ll get to the comments and catching up soon. Anyways, back to the artwork nails!

I was inspired by Mixed Media Sculpture. This champagne base polish, Shampers by @opallacgelpolish kind of loosely reminded me of sandstone plinth with metal additions, public artwork. So I created something based around that, with accenting from a @moyou_london plate (see below).


It’s a bit of fun, and made to be not entirely impractical. Gotta rest but will be back with more soon 😘 Also, 3rd mani in a row that fits the Metallic/Chrome theme for #clairestelle8sep 😂 Milking this prompt!

See the challenges I am doing this month…a recap:

I have backdated this post and some of the others at the end there so they show up in the right order, but wasn’t sure the link would work. I did see entries on Instagram. But yay! I could still add it to the link up below – not that anyone will probably see it!? But you know…posterity and all… 🙂




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