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31DC2016 Day 08: Metallic – Metallic-ahh! (& Born Pretty Chrome Review)

Day 8 of the 31 Day Challenge already?? Yikes. And the prompt being Metallic, I’ve named it Metallic-ahh! And of course I HAD TO USE ALL THE CHROME!

“ChRomeo, chRomeo! Were art thou, chRomeo?” Ooh, on my fingertips! It’s mirrored in real life but was hard to capture without all the reflection going on and obstructing the imagery I added. I could see myself in the reflection at some angles.


This is the silver chrome mirrored powder from Born Pretty, item number: 32013. Though it is better to add a base colour first, I thought I would use this over a naked nail to let it appear brighter. You can very slightly alter the way it reflects depending on what base colour you use. Black gel polish will give it a more gunmetal appearance, white base and it will appear more silvery.

You’ve likely seen these chrome powders around almost everywhere,but for those that don’t know, this powder is designed to be used over the top of a gel top coat. It doesn’t work with regular polish, and is best to use a no-wipe top coat as it will not work as well with other gel top coats due the sticky residue left after curing (technical name: the inhibition layer) that you get with some gel topcoats.

If anyone cares to know a fun fact: the inhibition layer is left because when you cure the gel, oxygen prevents a small amount of the top surface layer from fully curing.


Ooh, shiny! This came with a latex eye-shadow applicator to apply the powder on in a slight polishing motion over your top coat. I advise laying a sheet of paper or kitchen towel down before using this stuff because it will get everywhere and can stick to some surfaces or laminates, and can be a bit harder to get off as you rub it in more. It gives a nice quality mirror effect to the nail, better than any chrome polish I’ve ever used. And I have used  and hunted for the perfect chrome nail polish to use ever since the original Sally Hansen Chrome Metals many moons ago.

Best to have a smooth surface to work with so you get a slick looking chrome effect. This is one reason why I prefer this powder to mirror chrome polishes – which can have a tendency to show up every ding and dint on your nail surface if any. Whereas being used over a thicker gel that self levels a lot better, the powder looks so much smoother.

I used this with the Born Pretty No Wipe Gel Top Coat – item number 23856. For 10% off your order, use my discount code BUFFQ10 on all full priced items. The more use this code gets, the sooner I can ave a sponsored giveaway. I am still going to have a general giveaway soon, but have had to delay it due to the moving. This year has just been one delay after another I’m sorry. But do follow me on Instagram or Bloglovin to be notified if giveaways are your thing.


For the #31DC2016 prompt I chromed the F out of this baby and then topped it with some organic patterned plant matter. In all, I’m happy with this one. It’s simple like the others have been, but I like the contrast of using white against metallics. It reminds me of a Marimekko napkin or fabric print 💖❤


At least it comes in a sealable, reusable packet to stop all those flyaway chrome spots that you see in this shot.

Today’s prompt is my favourite so far, so I look forward to seeing all your metallic interpretations in the InLinkz below!



  • Born Pretty No Wipe Gel Top Coat – item number 23856.
  • White 01 – Mundo de Uñas: @mundodeunas #mundodeunas


  • Silver Chrome Mirrored Powder – from Born Pretty, item number: 32013. For 10% off your order, use my discount code BUFFQ10

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  1. Midnight Stamper 9th September 2016 Reply

    I love this! It reminds me of the look of etched glass, or etched chrome. So pretty! I haven’t tried the mirror powder yet, but you are making me want to!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 9th September 2016 Reply

      Thanks so much! 😀 The mirrored powder is awesome – I ❤ it. Like when you’re polishing silver, it’s kinda therapeutic. I’m going to do a mirrored chrome gradient when I get time. Let me know if you try it 🙂

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