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31DC2015 Day 09: Rainbow – ColourFull

With Rainbow as the prompt for today, I thought it would be high time to do something fun as well as colourful. Full of colour with a bit of Sparkle. Thus this Mani Moniker: ColourFull.

So I’ll post first and answer questions later.


We’ve almost hit the end of the first leg of the challenge Colours, before we move into the second section of Styles in 2 days. But let’s not jump too far ahead. I knew I wanted to go colourful and bright so I decided to grab the perfect set for such an endeavour, Doctor Lacquer. An awesome indie brand that was well suited to the task. In fact the Kaleidoscope World collection with its jelly-ish neon holo version is the perfect polish to use.

Couldn’t be arsed doing a sponge gradient on every single today, so decided to go for a left to right rainbow ombre. Given I reduced those Talons down to a more reasonable size, it would have been too arduous to fit all the colours in on a smaller surface. So there you have it.

Here’s a little video showing the polishes used because clearly I intended to do some Challenge footage, but have had zero time and energy as it is, and thought this would show them off a little better…

However here are a couple of stills if you want to match name to hue:



Whew! That took a while.



  • Mundo de Uñas – Papyrus
  • Doctor Lacquer – Kaleidoscope World – used:
    • Phycocyanin – neon blue holo
    • Betalain – neon purple holo
    • Hemoglobin – magenta holo
    • Lycopene – hot orange holo
    • Carotene – neon yellow holo
    • Lutein – lime green holo


  • Born Pretty plate BP-L002
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  1. Maddy 9th September 2015 Reply

    So pretty! The stamped image really brings your gradient together. I love it 🙂

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 11th September 2015 Reply

      Thanks Maddy! I did like the naked rainbow, but it really needed a little something.

  2. Zara TracesOfPolish 10th September 2015 Reply

    Such a delicate and pretty gradient! Love it!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 11th September 2015 Reply

      Gradients are so much fun. Thank you Zara 🙂

  3. rijaH 11th September 2015 Reply

    Really pretty 😀

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