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Pastel Unicorn Nails With Gel Polish, “I Am Still A Unicorn!”

I’ve named them “I Am Still A Unicorn!” Unicorn-ish Nails. Here’s the nail art I did using @opallacgelpolish Date Night (which you can see in the last post soon).

Not my best effort this one, cos I was trying to film at a really awkward angle and shoot at the same time so it’s not the most convenient angle for straight lines. But I had to let go of perfectionism in the name of getting it done in my haphazard temporary set up (that is still driving me insane!?) and hope I will finally have my proper set up in the coming months.

These were done for the lead up to Easter, but when things ‘went to shit’ I couldn’t post them; Thus the title. Because I Am Still A Unicorn!, just a little unpunctual…😂😂 perhaps. Blame circumstance, not me.

The lightning bolt was done with @winstonia_store brushes, a white base & @picturepolish Hot Lips neon pink – an element I’d done on a different mani that I thought’d look good here ⚡ The lines are Metallic Mush, also Picture Polish.

Full video tutorial with instructions up on YouTube ▶ my channel: http://bit.ly/BAP-YT (only took 2 days with the ‘no internet’ to upload 😂), but please subscribe to see more (and in future better videos)…





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  1. Ash 18th July 2017 Reply

    I really really love these! They look amazing and the color is beautiful! Where can I get it?

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