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Mandalas for ManiSwapCircle’s Coral Gradient Nails

This month’s theme is Coral Gradient so I did Mandalas for Mani Swap Circle’s June prompt. For the first time a while I could see a little better and was happy given that it involved a gradient and i tend to get a bit fussy with those. You know, the striving for typical perfectionism when it comes to the smoothest gradient.

Also being all over the shop means I don’t have many items on hand so lucky I had my Lina Make Your Mark 03 plate with the gradient maker square 🙂 Handy…without the use of sponges.


How about a working progress shot? The green stuff is peely latex, of course! Cos clean-up? Why make it harder than it needs to be unless you have a latex allergy…and even then you can try these… 😉


I was assigned to recreate a mani from @bettler and chose this one here:

A post shared by Abi (@bettler) on

My recreation had to use a gradient from Coral through Pink and Orange, or anywhere in between. The gradient was more pronounced in real life, but cameras tend to have a harder time differentiating between red shades much of the time, so it looks subtle here.

I used a similar plate, and not sure if Abi may have used a Bundle Monster one there (looks familiar), but I’m without my stuff so near enough is good enough. Hope you like it 🙂




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