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31DC2015 Day 19: Galaxies – Space Cake

Hello y’all. I have two things to reveal today. 1) some galaxy nails for today, and 2) the new improvements to the commenting system.

Firstly lets start with the improvements in a nutshell. I know that commenting can be a one and done kind of deal, so I’ve implemented a new system that allows you to be notified of comments. I don’t like the restriction of many systems (hello, blogger) that require you to opt-in to ALL comments to know if you have a reply, or go without. Personally it often means a barrage of emails whenever anyone comments on that one post, and is not something that suits all users who only want to know if their comment has been replied to.

So! I have integrated more options for you, the user to pick and choose IF and WHEN you wish to receive notifications. This means that you no longer miss my (or others’) replies on your specific comments, but can still choose to subscribe to all or none of the post comments as you please. I believe in allowing the user to have some degree of control over what they wish to receive is the right thing to offer. You don’t even have to comment to subscribe to each post if you wish to. How cool is that? I thought so. It is more integrated, allows for the sharing of ideas, and keeps conversations rolling.

Now that we have got that out of the way, we can hop into our spaceships and head off into the galaxy as we tackle 31 Day Challenge Day 19: Galaxies! WOW! That also means only 12 days and 12 prompts to go!


I actually did TWO galaxies. But I got sick of the usual dark one I’d started since I wore that recently so took it off and started afresh. I went with something more a little more pop. As far as galaxy nails go anyways. I also didn’t have enough space so went back to the talons for a day (not glued) to see if I couldn’t get some more galaxy gases going on. It’s supposed to be in the thick of a galactic cloud band.

I began with a shitty marble in dayglo orange and violet. And by shitty I mean ‘loose, basic and non-caring if it was a little all over the shop’ as it as was mostly going to be covered by sponging anyhoo. I just wanted a hint of it to peek through, to add a slightly different effect to what I normally do in a galaxy nail. Once that dried I went about sponging on nebulae in layers using about 42 polishes (okay, that could be a slight exaggeration), adding sparkles and stars both near and far. Including a framed accent for something different was the next step, some glitters, and done. Et voila!


For some unknown reason the camera wasn’t cooperating and it looks less bright than it does in real life in the first shot, so I hope you can still get the gist of it. If I have time I’ll try get a better shot before they come off. Maybe if there’s sun even outside. For now though I’ll go back to trying not to lose an eyeball and wishing upon a star. Or 10. *smiles*


Here’s another with a different lighting, not directly on it. Ain’t no sun today either. It was making the golden parts look muddier than they were. This is closer to IRL colours (in real life). Not sure how I feel about it. I’m kind of on the fence. I mean it meets the brief and looks way better in real life, but hmm…



  • Too many to mention, but including polishes from the brands OPI, Sally Hansen, piCture pOlish, China Glaze, Ulta3, Sinful Colors
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