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Madam Glam Slushy 3D & 31DC2017 Day 5: 90’s Puff

I’ve been dying to show you this new fun, funky gel from Madam Glam, so it’s a triple-barrelled review/challenge day today with these amazingly awesome polishes from Madam Glam! You like?

You saw the base I used in the last post for Royal Blue – please take a good look at this beautiful colour’s swatch by itself. Wow. I mean blue, and such a nice shade and formula = one happy camper!


Today’s 31 Day Challenge prompt is blue, and the theme for this week’s Clairestelle8 Challenge is Back to School. And the WNAC for the 8th is Sweater. So I thought I’d combine them all into a mega challenge / review. Based on the theme of 90’s Puff-Painted sweaters that school kids used to wear in the 90’s! It’s a little more fitting even (if the WNAC is a little early, but it’s not like Instagram respects a chronological timeline, right?).

Slushy is a light blue, lamp cured, art gel from their recent 3D Gel Polish range. The white I’d requested was out but this worked well with the blue, so was not fazed. It was so easy to use and the tip is just the right thickness and size for the tube to be used similar to a pencil. You could also use a brush instead, but this was easy and I wanted to test it out.

Each symbol is kind of what was on badges and fashion, or doodled onto 90’s schoolbooks (cos yeah, laptops weren’t really around in classrooms back then…). See how fine the tip of the product is in the image below. It gave me really good control as you will see in the video tutorial to come…


Look closely to see the 3D effect. These are so much fun! I highly recommend this novel product from Madam Glam. I might have to try out some more, but they have so many cool items to choose from it’s hard to settle on which haha.

TO GET 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER at Madam Glam, Use my code: BUFF30 – these 3D gels are so much fun and also so easy to use. If you make a mistake then wipe clean (or suck it back into the tube) and start over. The bonus is it stays pliable until you cure it. Unlike acrylic, which is great for the skilled acrylic peeps, but less forgiving on those not. So win, win really.

The applicator is a bonus and will give those who don’t think they have much brush control an easier method of application. I think it’s a great design and the tube comes sealed until you are ready to use it. Put the lid on tightly and ready for next time.

I added a White Pearl Mermaid Powder beneath the 3D from Born Pretty Item No: 39562, which I will be reviewing separately, over this colour to show you how it can add a little sparkle.

I’ll also have a tutorial video to go with that, but things are crazy and I’m still feeling completely run down (on top of all the other things I suffer with), so it will be added when time and energy permit. X






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  1. Nell 10th September 2017 Reply

    WAA I think I am in love with this paint. Did you find it hard to use?

    they look really beautiful.It reminds me of seeing pants and shirts in the nineties. It was everywhere hey.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 17th September 2017 Reply

      Not at all. It was easy to use from the tube or with a brush (but you must to be careful not to flatten it too much to get the 3D effect).

      I totally recommend them as an easy to way to try out 3D gels or to get a 3D effect. It’s a bit easier than using from a pot, especially for beginners. Thanks Nell, sory for the delayed response. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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