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Endless Summer – Aqua Palm Trees & Negative Space

As we head into Winter in my neck of the woods, and Summer in the North, some warming tropical nails felt appropriate. I think palm trees immediately add a few degrees to the real temps 😁 It also doubles as this week’s ABC Challenge inspired by today’s letter “E”. Ergo I did E for Endless Summer.

Yes it is roughly 12hrs early, but I will be “F” for Flat Out Friday and “N” for No Time to Post.


I continued the love of negative space with aqua lines and borders, highlighted with white for a pop of colour. The white palm trees are decals from @bornprettystore – item 21138, use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your order.



The horizontal lines are from the above MoYou London stamping plate Holy Shapes 02. I started to hand-paint them but just reverted to free-handing the borders instead. Unfortunately there was an issue with the video so you don’t get one of the process.



I probably shouldn’t have worn a dark polish in the days before I decided to negative space (cos of slight tip stain) haha, but you catch my drift.




  • Mundo de Uñas – Mint 72
  • Non descript white polish


  • Coconut Tree 3D Nail Art Stickers – @bornprettystore, item 21138. Use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your order
  • MoYou London – Holy Shapes 02
  • Pure Color Brush No. 10 – Whats Up Nails

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