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Gone Troppo, Tropical Nail Art – MoYou London Contest

GONE TROPPO with all the TROPICAL FEELS in my last minute mani (well, eleventh hour posting of said mani) for the @moyou_london #MYLcoloursJULY topical Tropical contest. 🌴🌺 It has indeed been a while! Since their last contest like this. February if my memory serves…? Too long, because I love seeing what everyone does for these, and I heart Tropical Nail Art.



I used all MoYouLondon Tropical plates. And had to throw in some negative space. Of course! So many cool plates and so little time to pick which ones to use!? 😂

Didn’t have MYL branded polish, (because, well, shipping restrictions 😕) so I used similar colours from @mundodeunas@hit_the_bottle & @essie for the art part 🎨 All topped off with @glistenandglow1 gloss and then matte top coats 🎩 for both each look of matte and shiny.

I love the restricted palette. These colours rock! Oui? 💚💙 The contest dictated using MoYou London plates (of course) and the colours below or similar if you didn’t have these.

Tropical Nail Art Contest

Running extra behind now after getting some super crappy news, (sorry in advance for any delayed replies to comments and such), and as a result will only be posting the one entry this time round 🙁 Hope it’s enough for a decent shot 🙄 Did a gloss version of this one too, but I’m running with the matte for the official entry.

The gloss version is shown below. And what a bloody difference a working light makes to one’s photos! Hallelujah! 🔦 💡💡💡

Which one do you like better? Matte or Gloss?

There’s always a ton of cool talent in these contests. Good luck if you entered with some Tropical Nail Art 😘





  • Tropical plates – MoYou London

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