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31DC2015 Day 20: Water Marble – Marbellous

We are now in Day 20 of the 31 Day Challenge and the prompt that many of us either love or hate has arrived. Yup, Day 20: Water Marble – Marbellous. I do like marbling and the effect it gives, but it does eat through polish and can be hit or miss, so it’s not something I do all the time.

The water in my area is terrible for this – even triple filtered and boiled then cooled, so I need to make sure I have some special pure water on hand whenever I wish to marble. Having already done colourful rainbows on a few occasions in the Challenge already, I wanted to use something with neutrals and blues. This is what we have.


It’s simple and classic. I didn’t go and do a crazy watermarble – which had crossed my mind, but just spruced it up with a little Essie Luxe Effects for sparkle and some crystal rhinestones. Nothing outlandish. I’m saving myself for all these Inspired By… challenges. I can feel some mad (and time consuming) freehand coming on!

Ugh! I need an extra pair of hands. It’s hard to light block and click and stop things from falling in front of the lens, simultaneously with the one free hand, but the ‘good’ shot had some unwanted finger blur !? Oh well, you catch the drift.


I’m sorry for not being able to add video as I’d previously hoped. Already having to paint, blog and Instagram on a daily basis is quite time consuming – and I applaud anyone out there who does this normally. Hats off to you! I truly don’t know how you manage it. I’m great with time management and even then… (I also have other things that prevent such endeavours, but still). So there has been no video, no YouTube extras, and no behind the scenes stuff. When you have 148 polishes taking up all the table-space, there is nary much room for a tripod…!

The STYLES section two flew by compared to section one. I’m not sure if it because I like it the best. Though I’m already contemplating what to do for the third leg. Are you all hanging in there? Which section of prompts do you like the most?



  • Glitter Gal – Tart Yourself Up
  • Glitter Gal – Bikini Babe
  • Glitter Gal – Nuddy Nude
  • Glitter Gal – Good On Ya
  • Essie Luxe Effects – Pure Pearlfection
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