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31DC2014 Day 18: Half Moons

Day 18 already? Wow. I wonder how many of you are hanging in there still.
Good effort if you’ve even made it on getting this far… Pats on the back all round.



Theme du jour was Half Moons. Definitely not my favouritest subject matter in the world, as I prefer them when I let my nails have some extra length. But given that is impractical for me much of the time, I don’t tend to wear them much.

I felt minty after picking up yet another nice mint green whilst waiting in line at the pharmacy, so I decided to use it. Cos even if I have 1100 shades of mint or pastel green, another one is always fun when Spring arrives 🙂 I mean anyone who says you can have too much polish is right up there with Dragons and Medusa. Fictitious.
Does. not. exist.

I think this design would look better on a nice oval nail. If I had more of my decorations on hand I possibly would have chosen extra adornments, but sometimes we have to work with what we got, amiright?

It’s on a base of something transparent, topped with OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet & Color Frenzy 350 Fruit Spritz, and the ever lovely Zoya Ziv.



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  1. Danielle 18th September 2014 Reply

    What a lovely beachy pastel look! I love the glitter placement too.

    • Lacquerista 19th September 2014 Reply

      Thanks, personally I do love a good pastel. TBH I think that I am not-so-secretly looking forward to the warm weather, and wearing soft pastels makes it seem like it is that much closer…

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