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31DC2017 Day 17: Glitter – Autumn Leaves

Back with more of the continuing challenging challenges – #31DC2017 Day 17 GLITTER prompt 😂 I’ve thrown it in with @clairestelle8challenge‘s Autumn one for more double-barrelled challenge goodness. Challenging because I’m preoccupied with a few things right now. So multi-tasking FTW!

 Buff & Polish - 31DC2017 Autumn Glitter

The base is dark grey No 423/267 from @el_corazon_shop 🌿The leaves (@moyou_london mother nature 07? plate), in all their holo stamping glory, are Drop Red Gorgeous, A Glint of Gold & Copper Haired Girl from @hit_the_bottle 🍂 AND THEN THERE WAS GLITTER!

Buff & Polish - 31DC2017 Autumn Glitter

Less of a tidy glitter placement, and more of a haphazard glitter mash. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. Clean up? Puhlease, I can’t even. But look, it’s all Autumn/Fall colours. So that makes it OK. Right? Well, if you ask me. Not that you did. But anyhoo…barely have time to do nails at themo’, fat chance I could sit still for 76 hours to place a thousand glitter specks haha.

(Discover more on the hashtags #Fall into #Autumn#clairestelle8sep #hitthebottle#moyoulondon #elcorazonnailpolish )




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  1. Zara TracesOfPolish 24th September 2017 Reply

    I love this look and the casual glitter placement! Totally works!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 27th September 2017 Reply

      Thanks Zara! Didn’t have time for perfect placements, but kinda reminded me of haphazard dry leaves this way 🙂

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