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Stamping Starter Kit Gift Set – Beauty Big Bang Review

Today I’m showing the Stamping Starter Kit Gift Set from Beauty Big Bang. This review post is coming a little later than hoped with all that’s been going on I’m sorry, it’s been a horrendous period, but there are lots of pictures to make up for it. Shall we?

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.


Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - contents

Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - contents

This is a really cute little kit. It’s a great little gift for if you want to give it to someone who’s new to stamping you can change everything they need to at least  it out. It’s all so cute little present for oneself.

The kit itself contains a stamping polish, a stamping plate, a scraper card and a clear silicone rectangle stamper. All from the beautybigbang brand.

Here’s some photos of the actual items I got in my Kit, even though there’s 3 different selections and they will be sent at random.

Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set - contents

This is plate BBB-015. I really liked this plate because it has 4 pictorial areas. Two are good background patterns, and the other areare  negative space stamps – so you can actually colour in the areas or over something cool like a holographic polish. Apart from being a fan of negative space I really love negative space stamps!

Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - rectangular clear scraper Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - rectangular clear stamper
The scraper and rectangular stamper head… this Stamper worked pretty well and is really easy to see through because it’s shallow. Nice and squishy.


Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - grey stamping polish

I got this great polish in the kit. It is 9 ml big and has a really good, wide brush. You can probably use it as polish but it is a stamping polish.

It all comes nicely packaged in this little gift bag so you can store for later.

Buff & Polish - BBB Stamping Starter Set 3 - contents

[Update: there’s still a nail art demo of this kit to come]

And that concludes my Stamping Starter Kit Gift Set – Beauty Big Bang Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.



Name: Stamping Starter Kit Gift Set – Beauty Big Bang
Brand: Beauty Big Bang
Item Number: J6559TM
Item Type: Kit.
Colour (or family): N/A
Size: N/A

Usage Notes:
I had no problems with the stamp for the stamper picking up any of the images using the provided stamping polish. It’s a great little kit and easy-to-use.

The Verdict:
See above…

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFX10 for 10% off your orders at www.beautybigbang.com.

Item Number: J6559TM – Find it at www.beautybigbang.com.
(*you can click number for direct link or search the numbers at the website)

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  1. Ananka 26th May 2020 Reply

    Looks like a good starter kit for a novice like myself! Never stamped before :-O

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 31st May 2020 Reply

      Oh really? Stamping’s a lot of fun. Can be a small learning curve, but easy to get the hang of. You should give it a try sometime 🙂 Let me know if you do! 🎉

      (And yes, it’s a cute kit)

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