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UV Gel Nail Brushes, Acrylic 7pc Set – Beauty Big Bang

Showing you these today: UV Gel Nail Brushes, Acrylic 7pc Set – which Beauty Big Bang sell. Lots of photos below and some nail art using them will be featured in another post to follow soon!

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.


Buff & Polish - BeautyBigBang 7pc Gel Brush Set HEAD WIDTHS

BeautyBigBang 7pc Gel Brush Set HEAD WIDTHS


Because of the amount of free hand stuff I generally like doing, and because of my background, nail brushes and nail art brushes or something I tend to collect. Even though I have so many I’m always on the hunt for more. They’re one of those things you can never have too much of in my opinion haha…🙃

This set of 7 brushes was kindly provided by Beauty Big Bang, and are best for gels and gel polishes. But I also found them to be decent clean up brushes in a pinch. Here’s a few close up photos of the set.

Buff & Polish - BeautyBigBang 7pc Gel Brush Set


The round heads on these are good for using near the eponychium / ‘cuticle’ area when you’re painting pot gels. But I also found them handy for art and nail backgrounds.

The numbers on the brush don’t typically match up exactly to other typical brush sizings so I’ve added the measurements of these in the first photo I posted. Enlarge it to see in better detail.

Buff & Polish - BeautyBigBang 7pc Gel Brush Set

You can see the various widths and sizes in the first picture I posted that this gives you a decent range of sizes. So you can pick something suitable for your purposes or your nail size within this set.

I would probably recommend you clean them with alcohol over acetone though, if you’re going to use them with your gels. But they should last well enough; they’re an affordable and good set if you just want something to play around with. I actually really like potted gels find it calming painting them on.

I will have some demonstrations with how I use them in nail art coming up in the near future.


[Update: There’s still a nail art demo using these brushes to come – as mentioned previously, I suffered more obstacles]

And that concludes my UV Gel Nail Brushes, Acrylic 7pc Set – Beauty Big Bang Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.



Name: UV Gel Nail Brushes, Acrylic 7pc Set – Beauty Big Bang
Brand: Beauty Big Bang
Item Number: #U9993
Item Type: Nail Art Brushes, Round Gel
Colour (or family): .
Size: 7 pieces

Usage Notes:
Easy to use. Come in a small plastic packet.

The Verdict:
Very affordable, see above. There’s also a couple of colour options. I have the gold glitter – just basically gold glitter pieces set in an acrylic handle.

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFX10 for 10% off your orders at www.beautybigbang.com.

Item Number: #U9993 – Find it at www.beautybigbang.com.
(*you can click number for direct link or search the numbers at the website)

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  1. Ananka 26th May 2020 Reply

    These look good, have never used brushes before.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 31st May 2020 Reply

      They’re handy to have. I love brushes whether freehand or for pot gels, they’re kind of therapeutic 😂

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