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Say I Do Wedding Bling – with Tutorial

Wedding Nail Bling! What do you think guys? 💍👰Any polish with the name of Say I Do (the @opallacgelpolish gel polish swatch shown earlier) just begs to be turned into bridal nails… Bridezilla away! 😆

I had to wait for my Swarovski’s, crystals & other Bling Things to return from the Abyss Of Moving Boxes before I could do this one

I went with a couple of crystal accents for this not-too-outlandish Wedding Mani look, using a range of things in my kit: One full cover & one teardrop shaped to keep it simpler 💎 And though it was tempting to go overboard and use ALL THE SHINY THINGS after having been separated for so long 😂, restraint was the best medicine.

I loove this polish base colour 😍 What do you think of this look – would you wear it?

The tutorial is coming but will be added here once the second part of this series is posted 😉 now below! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more




  • Swatovskis, embellishments

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