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Recreating Ujoh’s Runway Nails for NAFW2016

This was the Final Day of the Nail Art Fashion Week for 2016. Still behind on this challenge, but this #NAFW2016 prompt was April 16 – Fall 2016 runway nail art. The aim was to re-create any nail art from Fall 2016 runways. Plenty to choose from.

There was lots of simple, solid and muted colours going on this year, but I wanted something patterned and a little different to recreate since I just lobbed on to this right at the end. I settled for Ujoh’s Paris runway nails (one of a couple of looks) cos I loved the negative space and the contrast of thick and thin lines they had going on.

Buff & Polish - NAFW-2016 - Nails 750w

I used a shader brush and created the thicker border, over a light sheer base colour to hide the white free edge from the design. Then I added the thicker arcs, before taking my Pure Colour No. 9 Striping brush to create the thinner arcs. I do have a bit of a brush collecting habit (don’t blame me, I’m an artist haha), but I love that brush!



  • OPI – Don’t Burst My Bubble
  • Rimmel – Black Out 800


  • Pure Color No. 9 brush –from @whatsupnails
  • Shader brush

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