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Delicate Lace Print on Baby Blue

Delicate Lace Print stamped on a Baby Blue polish base. Double combo challenge post today, since I haven’t had time to post much thanks to all the pre-Christmas crazy, and I have been trying to get feeling back on track again as my main focus. Simple and easy and done ahead of time.

I used a pastel blue from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, and stamped using a white polish reminiscent of lace doilies at Xmas time. The kind that are placed under gifts of gingerbread and given to people once they have been wrapped in a huge wad of cellophane. You know the ones? Well this is my interpretation for Clairestelle8’s Challenge prompt for 17th Dec of “Gifts”.

Here is the plate that was used. It’s a Bundle Monster plate created in conjunction with Lucy from Lucy’s Stash.

The silver mirrored glitter dots are also from bundle Monster and came in a set of 12. They reminded me of Chrissy decorations, the kind of baubles you hang on the tree. Right next to that annoying tinsel that gets in your hair if you stand too close.


This lacy pattern is combined as part of my catch up for the 31 Day Challenge 2016 prompt: Delicate Print. Remember how I said I was going to play catch ups? Well, consider that one marked off the list.

Another angle of these glitters. They are nice and large, about 3-4mm in diameter.

So don’t mind the awkward pose, the camera kept moving from it’s precarious balance of boxes. Oh well…I was working in a tiny space on this day and didn’t have my tripod handy.

The plate stamps cleanly and with no issues. I did shoot video, but for some magical reason, I only have the second half of the video minus the stamping, so it is kind of pointless. And continues my run of technical misfortunes – the one where technology hates me and refuses to cooperate, gets recalled, breaks down. That old chestnut.

Also keep posted as I have some super fun things to show you coming up in the weeks ahead!

I should also probably do a more festive Christmas mani, but argh! So many things to do… x





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