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Opallac True Blue – Gel Polish Swatch

Hello! Today and over the coming weeks I have an exciting peek at some of the fun gel polish colours from Australian brand Opallac. Today we have a swatch of True Blue, a medium cool blue shade from their core colour line.

Opallac are a brand that bring gel nails to you, with an at home kit and a decent range of colours, which also includes thermal polish and glitters, so you can achieve long lasting DIY manicures without having to visit a salon. As a long-time gel polish lover, when the company reached out and offered to send me some items, I was keen to try them. I will be adding a more detailed ‘at home’ gel polish How-To for the Opallac kit sometime in the near future (when the silly season and all the ‘hectic’ slows down), but I couldn’t wait to dive in and start showing you some of the shades available.

Opallac is a simple 3-step system that consists of a base, colour and top coat. I used the Opallac Base Coat, two thinnish layers of the colour gel and their Gel Top Coat, curing each for 90 seconds under the supplied lamp to achieve this final manicure. It was a struggle to choose which colour to show you first, but I decided on True Blue because I love blues. Also it is a great Summer colour or Winter colour if you are in the throes of that season. Look at that perfect gloss!

The colour pay off was really good, being opaque by the second coat. Blues are often hard to capture and under regular indoor fluorescent lights, this polish appeared a little less bright than what the images depict. It was closer to a cornflower blue.


Name: True Blue – available here
Brand: Opallac
Collection: Core Collection
Colour (or family): Medium Cool Cornflower Blue
Type & Finish: ‎Crème
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
No issues with application. Coverage was complete in two medium-thin coats, as you can see the colour density from the photos.

This polish appears slightly brighter in various lights – brighter in the sun, than in my indoor light. Being gel polish it is a thicker consistency naturally but this is a good thing, as you do not want gel polish to pool in your sidewalls or base of the nail as thinner gel can. The trick to a perfect application is to use thin coats. This also helps with properly curing the polish.

The brush is a good size, not too thin. It is dense without being too fat, but fans out more if you add subtle pressure – which allows for good coverage in fewer strokes.

The Verdict:
Loving this shade of blue, and was nicely surprised. However if you have never used gel polish before, just be aware that it can take a use or two to adjust using a new medium. In which case I will also be adding some great tips to help you perfect application of gel polish (in the near future).

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
Kind of similar to Cameo – Illamasqua, but not as ‘bright’.


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