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Spring Fling! Pretty Floral Petals for MoYou

Whilst I’m on this roll of “POST ALL THE MANIS!” I thought I should post my Precious Petals Spring Nails before time runs out for the MoYou London #prettypetalscontest and #SpringNails challenge. For which it is also a part of, cos why not, eh? I was feeling floral anyhoo and have used al MoYou London stamping plates to create this look.

The plates used include the Pro XL 01, Explorer 03 & Tropical 10. Along with a lengthy list of polishes to boot – which you can see below in a list.


I started with a blue base and stamped a palm frond pattern on top of this for all nails except the middle finger which has a dotted background, with white dots. The flowers were stamped onto the UberChic mat where I made reverse decals and coloured in the pattern using mostly shades from my Picture Polish and El Corazon lacquers.

When these were dried they were cut out around the edge for a cleaner look and applied to the nail with top coat. Finished with a layer of top coat, et voila!

Take a gawk at the plates if you are interested:




Ooh, er! Indeed 😉 But do excuse the roof reflection and terrible cleaning job LOL…



  • piCture pOlish – Metallic Mush
  • piCture pOlish – Sunset
  • piCture pOlish – Honeydew
  • Zoya – Natty
  • Essie – Navigate Her
  • El Corazon – Bio-gel No. 423/278
  • El Corazon – Bio-gel No. 423/285
  • El Corazon – Bio-gel No. 423/289
  • El Corazon – Bio-gel No. 423/300
  • Mundo de Uñas – White

MoYou Plates:

  • Pro XL 01
  • Explorer 03
  • Tropical 10

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