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Metallic Collection (2.0) – Madam Glam 2019 Gel Polishes Up Close

What a treat for you guys! The coolest recent Metallic Collection from Madam Glam is here to knock your socks off 😊 I don’t want to hold this post up any longer (more on that in a bit) so am scheduling it now.

The full details and description of this lacquer is listed below the images in The Rundown section.

First I just want to say OMG! I thought the 5th anniversary Perfect Collection in July would be hard to beat, yet Madam Glam managed to amaze me once more.

They really knocked it out of the park with this 13 colour collection I have to say. In fact they’ve really turned it up to 11 this whole year with all the new releases. πŸ‘These dropped in September. And they really deserve big kudos for this stunning selection.

So once I picked my jaw up off the floor, soon after opening the boxes, I got to playing. Decided to begin with a feature article, to give you an in-depth rundown on how they work, what they look like, and also how they are different to the original Madam Glam Metallic Hybrid collection from several years back.

Whoa, Nellie! It’s picture heavy. Strap in and let’s get this show on the road!πŸ’–



So a lot of you already know how much I absolutely love, love, love metallics. It’s really no secret, since I probably mention it every 2 days on Instagram or in general day to day life somewhere haha. πŸ˜‚

Back in 2016 and 2017 Madam Glam released an initial series of metallic gels known as the Metallic Hybrid Collection. These were metallic gels that could either be used as a regular air drying nail polish, or air dried and cured as a gel.

A few people had application problems using those gels. There was a slight trick to applying them, mainly not to go over the same area multiple times so you got a flawless finish, and letting them air dry long enough (a few minutes was ideal, from memory) before actually curing them. See one of them here!

I had no troubles whatsoever with those, and actually really loved them, thus was sad to see they weren’t in stock anymore. And so it makes me EXTRA HAPPY that they’ve reintroduced a different kind of metallic finish to their ever growing line of soak off gels. πŸ˜€ One that even newbies will find user friendly!

This new line of gel is actually what I’d consider a two-part system (4 steps). And it’s quite brilliant because it means you also get even MORE options using the gel colours in this new line.

You see, you use the special base coat & gorgeous chrome metallic silver base colour gels first. The colour line of this collection is actually a jelly finish which you paint over the top of the cured silver gel to attain the lovely metallic effect.

I love this for several reasons:
1. You can use all these colours just as jelly gels and get a whole new collection for summer!
2. You can do all sorts of creative nail art with this kind of system – including colour mixes, gradients and the like.
3. The silver Chrome makes a pretty funky Chrome polish on its own once top coated. It’s not necessarily as reflective as Chrome mirror powders look once cured, but it’s still pretty fun. And I reckon would be a perfect base for Chrome powders…
4. Some other ideas include: leadlight colouring, colouring in stamping, or pond manis using the colour gels as jellies
5. Having so many options with one collection is really good bang for your buck


Application Steps TO USE AS A METALLIC:

  1. Apply the special Metallic Base Coat and cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)
  2. Apply the special Silver Base – wait for 15-30 seconds until you get the mirror effect, then cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)
  3. Apply the colour gel with only one layer, being careful to apply evenly so you get a flawless look
    – cure for 90 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)
  4. Apply the Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp). I like Madam Glam’s No Wipe Top Coat

FORMULA: Metallic, Jelly Over Metallic

Application Steps TO USE AS A JELLY:

  1. Apply your Madam Glam Base Coat (regular is fine, so you can save your special base coat) – cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)
  2. Apply the colour gel with only one layer, being careful to apply evenly so you get a clean look with no pooling
    – cure for 90 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)
  3. Repeat step 2 if you wish, but they are thick enough so not necessary
  4. Apply Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp).
    I like Madam Glam’s No Wipe Top Coat



Metallic Base Coat

Clear, also thicker than usual base coats to provide a flawless base for the chrome metallic Silver
β€’ Use 1 coat for a Flawless Finish
β€’ Cure 30 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)

Metallic Silver Base

Note: The Metallic Silver Base needs to be applied over Madam Glam’s Metallic Base Coat

Silver Chrome
β€’ Use 1 coat for a Flawless Finish
β€’ Apply the silver base carefully and evenly – not too thin, as you want an even base
β€’ Wait for 15-30 seconds until you see the mirror effect form (so much fun)
β€’ Cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp (or 2 minutes in CFL UV Lamp)

Do these steps before you apply each of the colour coats to achieve your gorgeous metallic effect!

[SIDE NOTE: I’ll add a quick demonstration video when I’m fully back and able to edit it. I’m still out of action after a difficult, horrible ‘recent times’. It’s not quite over, but I didn’t want to hold up this post any longer because of it, ergo have decided to add it post haste πŸ˜‰]


Merlot Berry
A bold red that is meant to turn heads. Who’s ready to do some flirting?

Gorgeous and deep this one. Also if you dare touch my wine, I’ll make you buy me another bottle 🀣🀣 After this past month and a bit, I certainly need all the wine I can get, haha!

This dreamy metallic blue will become your number one wish on your shopping list!

To me this leans a little blurple, and this is shown under correctly balanced lights. Which if you have no idea what that means, it’s shot with true to life colours.

Light Cool Pink
It is time to spread the word about this new Pink! What would you like to tell about it?

A blue toned pink that is sure to please the baby pink lovers out there. I know there are tons of you.

Air Force blue
A blue that never gets out of style! You can wear it all year long. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with this blue.

I adore this shade. It is just the perfect mix of blue and green tones in one pretty damn fine polish! (Plus, it’s metallic)

Olive Green
Lovely, sweet and warm green, it is impossible not to love it!

Such a great colour, and quite a unique shade of green too! This would look wonderful for Autumn or Fall, and even Spring.

Dark Violet
This purple is mesmerizing! How far are you willing to go to get it?

This is a nice, vibrant shade. Certainly one to wear on your next day off. (I know I could do with a few of those πŸ˜‰)

A scandalously metallic gold that will put the other gels in the corner!

Love this one too! Bronze and copper tones are a favourite of mine, so this one is definitely a winner IMHO.

Bubblegum pink
Don’t be shy! Take a closer look! We guarantee that you will fall in love with this pink.

I think this was my favourite pink in the bunch. It is bright and slightly neon leaning, meaning it was my type of pink.

Dare to wear this red metallic. It is empowering, it is what all women need to have in their collection.

A beautiful berry red that will suit many skin tones and be perfect for all your Autumn/Fall and Christmas nails.

Some things might need clarifications! However, this blue is clear as the sky!

Reminds me of a lovely ocean vista, this blue is another delight. Like a postcard from Santorini…

Candy Apple
Two words: it’s hot and delicious! Spice up your autumn look with this metallic.

This stunner is perfect for Autumn/Fall and even Thanksgiving as well. It reminds me of pumpkin spice lattes and warm cookies!

Emerald Green
Envy much this green? Wear it and you will have no regrets!

Gorgeous emerald greens are great to have in the collection. A vibrant, dark colour for Spring seasons, tropical nails or for pairing with the other reds in this collection for Christmas.

Imperial Red
We know you like to be in the center of attention, with this soft red the stage belongs to you!

This is another cool red one that is not as deep in tone as the Ruby Red above. This softer red is also a good choice for Christmas, Valentines and other red-tinged occasions.


And so there you have it! The whole family of delightful metallics – there can never be too many of these.


Note: the metallic effect will be created only if the metallic base and metallic silver base are used.

Otherwise, these make for some awesome jellies! I haven’t seen a metallic or jelly gel range with such a huge amount of colours – 13 if you’re counting!

I love that you have the option of both is. It’s like more bang for your buck!



I suggest you use a nice layer of base gel and let it settle for a few seconds before curing just to give a smooth surface for the silver metallic polish to go on to next.

When adding the metallic silver you also don’t want to skip skimp on how much you use either. You certainly don’t need to flood the nail (since you should avoid getting gels on your skin), but you DO want to use a little more than you probably normally would, like a thicker coat. Because it needs to be thick enough to settle into the Chrome effect and it does that best when there’s a little extra.

It’s satisfyingly like watching mercury settle when it turns to chrome πŸ˜€



God, I really don’t know where to start, LOL. I really can’t choose a favourite colour because I like so many of them. I am very fond of Hold My Wine, and Starfire, and Crown, and Oh Snap!… and… Well like I said, hard to choose… Solid collection.

These looked really great in the promo shots, but in real life they’re even more spectacular. If you’re looking to me for a recommendation I say go for it! Thoroughly enjoying this collection if you haven’t already noticed. Maybe it can be a little Christmas present for yourself?
(Don’t forget you can use my code BUFF30 for 30% off or take advantage of more when you become a VIP member to get 50% off across the store).

Application wise it doesn’t take any longer than the typical 3-step system – you know, doing the regular base, two colour and top coats gel mani. So it might sound like an extra step, but it is no fiddlier, which is great. Since you really only need to do 1 base, 1 metallic base colour, 1 colour of choice and top coat.

In fact if you buy the whole set, and it is something you going to be using a lot of, I’d probably invest in two special base coats and two metallic silver chromes.

I definitely think metallic lovers will appreciate this collection and there’s at least enough colours to suit most people’s tastes. It’s very well rounded and was really well thought-out.

I think I’ve probably chewed your ear off and made you salivate enough with this collection introduction post, so I’ll leave it at that for now – but expect to be seeing a lot more of these lovelies in coming nail art!

Which were your favourites? Are you a metallic lover as well?? I’m so in looove 😍
(Will respond to comments when I’m able, as still not back at the time of this posting)

Some reasons to try Madam Glam

NEW COLORSΒ every month.

This ends my Metallic Collection (2.0) – Madam Glam 2019 – Gel Polishes Up Close post.

See below for full details and purchase links.


Name: Metallic Collection – available hereΒ on the Madam Glam online store
USE MY CODE: BUFF30 for 30% off your Madam Glam order
Brand:Β Madam Glam
Collection:Β Core Collection
Colour (or family): Various
Type & Finish: Metallic, Jelly
Size: 15ml / 0.5oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy, all is detailed above.
All cured with the Madam Glam 48w Holi UV LED Lamp (read my detailed review in this post).

The Verdict:
See above. Freaking awesome!

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:

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  1. Ananka 4th November 2019 Reply

    Gotta say they all look fab. Gorgeous πŸ˜€

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 7th November 2019 Reply

      Thank you Ananka! It’s such a cool collection 😍

  2. Winona 4th November 2019 Reply

    They are all amazing. I just added 5 to my christmas list. But I really like the pinks the most.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 7th November 2019 Reply

      It really is a wonderful collection.

      And you’re welcome 🀣 More than happy to enable your polish buying habits – you’ll be sure to love these.

  3. teens 14th November 2019 Reply

    oooooo! u are right, they are all so pretty. going to check them out now ☺

  4. Holly Snow 4th January 2021 Reply

    I tried to use the the metallic grey base alone (no color) abs love it! But it’s cracking. I did use the no wipe top coat. Do you think that was the problem?

    I’m also going to try letting it air dry at your suggestion and see if that helps.

    Thank you.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 6th January 2021 Reply

      Hi Holly.

      Hmm. No I don’t think it was the no wipe top coat. Did you use the special “Metallic Base Coat” for the grey/silver? It needs this base coat (link here)

      Perhaps try 1 or some:
      *Apply 2 of the top coat incase it’s too thin overall
      *Apply this special metallic grey/Silver Base with thinner coat/s – wait 30+secs to get the mirror effect, then cure (this Silver does need curing)
      *Could also try curing it longer, as improperly cured gel can cause cracking. Not sure what lamp you use.
      *Are nails prepped & oil/lotion free? Prep technique, oils while applying, dry nails or hands in lots of water can also cause cracking and the metallic silver is a thinner gel on its own.

      Not sure if this’d work, but last resort: try it sandwiched over basic clear gel for stability. I mean: clean nail > base gel > no wipe top coat > special base coat (for the metallic) > metallic grey/silver gel > no wipe top coat πŸ˜‰

      Hopefully that helps, cos it does look cool solo – Lemme know how you go!

  5. Holly 6th January 2021 Reply

    Thank you!! I did use the right base and cured each step. I also used Madam Glam nail prep coat. I’m definitely glowing to keep trying, starting with your suggestions 😊.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 14th January 2021 Reply

      No probs. Thought you would’ve, but to cover all bases (pun intended) thought I’d check. Hopefully something works for you. Feel free to update your results πŸ˜‰

      I thought of one more possibility: if your nails have been in water (bath, shower, sink etc) wait AT LEAST an hour to gel coat, as the retained water can cause Gel to crack when it finally dries & nails shrink. And given the Grey/Silver’s thinner…y’know?

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