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Madam Glam Losing Control – Metallic Hybrid Gel Polish Swatch

Whoa check out this metallic gel! This beauty is Madam Glam Losing Control – Gel Polish Swatches below…!

Full of drama indeed! This greyish black shade is perfectly chic. I adore metallics and this shade is right up my alley. It has so many facets of colour depending on which lighting you are in at the time. You can see her shadowy side in the next shot, as well as the way she reflects light a bit further down.


This is what I’d call a Magic Metallic – it’s a Hybrid Formula polish from Madam Glam. The magic part to this is it can be used both as regular nail polish and lamp curable gel. Instructions for how to apply this are in the write up below the images.

Check it out, man! Smooth like butter, though there is a little trick to applying it. See my hot tips for that in the instructions.


And another shot with the bottle in full light so you can see how shifty this metallic is in bright or dark lights. I wanted to show you all the tones, so excuse the reflections from the direct light. You get the idea.



This polish is available at Madam Glam (see direct link below). New stuff every month!

You can use my code BUFF30 to get a whopping 30% off your entire order! Cool or what?
I highly recommend the metallic series and also the 3D gels seen in this post if you want something fun!



Name: Losing Control – available here on the Madam Glam online store
Brand: Madam Glam
Collection: Metallics Collection
Colour (or family): Metallic Gunmetal
Type & Finish: ‎Metallic
Size: 15ml / 0.5oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy with a no wipe top coat, this swatch is 2 thin coats. It was easy to apply and have it look good, but there are a few tricks to making it look awesome, which I will detail next. The formula is very thin, and the metallic micro-particles are encased within.

Remember it is a Metallic Hybrid Formula that can be used both as regular nail polish and curable gel. Using as polish is straight forward, but see my tips for flawless application using it as a gel which I did here.

Application & Curing time – Use as Nail Polish:

  1. Paint on the nail – don’t go over the same areas too much to avoid streaks.
    I suggest using a ridge filling base coat to create a smooth finish, as it will possibly show ridges.
  2. Let it air dry completely
  3. A good quality top coat will give it a glossy finish
  4. When done, remove with any nail polish remover

Application & Curing time – Use as Gel Polish

Take care to apply this very thinly as you want to create a smooth effect!
This was the best combination of steps which I found got the smoothest finish:

  1. Apply a gel base coat and cure.
    OPTIONAL: You could apply a colour base (like black) but it’s not necessary.
  2. Apply a no wipe top coat and cure as per its instructions. Don’t skip this step – the layer of top coat over the base gel. It provides a smoother surface and gives the metallic particles something to cling to.
  3. Apply a very, very thin even layer of metallic.
    Try to work relatively fast but don’t over paint the same areas too much else you risk streaks.
  4. Cure then for 3 minutes under your UV/LED lamp – or until you get the complete metallic effect
  5. Apply another layer of the no wipe top coat and cure.

It’s really not as elaborate to apply as it sounds, though you could always do a practice run on some nail sticks first. Or if you stuff up the metallic layer, just remove it before curing and start over.


The Verdict:
Love metallics, love this shade. I’m not shy about wearing polishes that can be a little rock, a little punk, yet still stylin’. This one covers that bill nicely. The applications steps above do not take that much longer than regular normal gel application times, but I just detailed out the steps so they were clear. That way you get the best smoothest finish.

The whole series of this hybrid gel look amazing, but I was drawn to the grey black version as I love a nice gunmetal polish. Suited to so many skin tones – light and dark, and perfect for many occasions. For me it’s an edgy polish that completely matches that cool chic style – think Bomber Jacket, skinny jeans and heels.

Based on how cool this looked, I think I might have to try the whole collection. 😃😍


Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
None in my collection and no dupes that I can think of.


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  1. Lyudi 11th November 2017 Reply

    This one has so much different looks to it. Metallic nail polish is one of my favorites style, I will hae to look this one up! Thanks for the application tips, I saw some people had problems! so thanks! Sorry for English not first language

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 1st December 2017 Reply

      Thank you for visiting! It is a fantastic colour, very stylish. Always gets lots of compliments, so I recommend it.

      By the way, your English is very good. I understood everything you said 😉

  2. NS 6th July 2018 Reply


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