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31DC2017 Day 24: A Book – On The Road

Day 24 of the 31 Day Challenge prompt is: A Book – I had done ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac. Mainly because I want need a holiday and can’t have one. It’s definitely not a want, and more of a need. Yes, really. So luckily I have a good imagination haha! Doesn’t  fully compare, but beats staring at nothingness…

Buff & Polish - Cali-Sunset, Book On The Road

These plates reminded me (or was that taunted me?) of Summer driving vacations. The kind where you just jump in the car and take off, headed in a direction of your choosing, depending what country you’re in. I used to love to do that stuff on a whim (well mostly a burst of spontaneity in a planned time frame) when I was able to take a few weeks and felt like a break or some inspiration. Grab a few peeps or not, and just drive because you can. I totally miss those times, had some great ones!

I love jet-setting! No so much suffering in Cattle Class on a plane, when my learjet is out of action (yeh, I wish!). I’m probably the world’s most well-travelled Armchair Traveller. Sadly, these days I don’t even remember the last vacation I had. Not from want of trying…but ah, the crap some of us have to suffer, eh?

Are you a road-tripper?




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  1. Zara TracesOfPolish 30th September 2017 Reply

    I hope you get your vacation soon! The nails are fab but I never liked the book myself. A whole lot of running around is all I got from it…

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 20th October 2017 Reply

      Some “life stuff” came up and I had a few technical issues so I’m sorry for the late reply!

      Thank you! I see what you mean, but I guess the sentiment of taking off has been a strong theme in my recent daydreams 😉
      Oh yes please, bring it on! I’m gonna need a 2 year vacation after 2017!? 😁

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