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Stamping Plate Harunouta L034 Review – Born Pretty Store

Yay, Sneaky WiFi! Thankfully I can lob on long enough to post this overdue snippet to Instagram and maybe schedule this post if the connections holds out. What a score 🙂 It’s so hard not being connected, as I need access to do basic things, so it’s not entirely ideal. CAN’T WAIT til things settle & I have proper net access again! 😁

Meantime here’s a review I tried posting ages ago for this pretty cool stamping plate, Harunouta L034 from @bornprettystore but as I’ve had no net access, no energy, no time and so much disruption, this has sat in draft. Instagram was giving me grief too before the hoo-ha cropped up so finally got to update.

This plate has a floral theme 🌸🌼 Containing mostly fine, outlined images, it allows you to colour in the image for reverse decals etcetera, or leave as is [pics below]. You can see the images better in the illustration due to the reflections I was battling in the small space this was shot in at the time.

And a clearer look at the images. I love a floral mani and so it was an easy choice.

I created a negative space stamped mani with My Suitor Wears Pewter by @hit_the_bottle and @polishmylife’s Mat(t)erialistic awsm matte top coat  😍 Harunouta make great budget friendly plates – each image picked up perfectly with a squishy & clear stamper. (I shot a tutorial but am still in transit, so can’t edit yet.)

On a sidenote: Black Friday is coming! BORN PRETTY are having a big sale on that day [pic 5] – including seckill*, coupon codes & their TOP80 items discounted.

*NOTE: Seckill for those that keep asking, is a kind of promotion, offering a limited number of hugely discounted items at set times. More info will be on the @bornprettystore website with the items up for offer and the times they will be live. You will need to act fast if you want to snag these items, they go quickly!

Hope you’re all well, I’m missing soooo much on all the new new and the news in Nail Land – things are taking a bit longer than expected, but fingers crossed I’ll be back in action soon! Should be before Xmas at least…better late than never, huh? 😘

Ugh, begone 2017…you damn near killed me. Literally…

Tell me, what have I missed??




  • Harunouta L034 from @bornprettystore – Remember to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your full priced orders.
    ITEM LINK: Click here

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