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Breast Cancer Awareness Tips & Nail Art – Madam Glam Charity Collab

My second post – October is once again Breast Cancer Awareness month and MADAM GLAM have teamed up with a New York charity survivingbreastcancer.org to raise funds for this worthy cause. As well as raising awareness.

The full details and description of this lacquer is listed below the images in The Rundown section.


I was sent three beautiful gel polishes from the Think Pink collection. This is a special collection of pink, and some purple shades, from the awesome gel lines which are for sale this month. $1 from every polish told will be donated to the charity – you can see the colours I chose below.


Here is my second of two Manis that I’ve done for the collaboration and to raise awareness for breast cancer – a cause that is close to my heart. Like I said in my first post, close to my heart not just because that’s where my chest is, but people close to me had breast cancer.

The colours used here Vintage Pink and Rosey Nude and they are both gorgeous and muted dusty tones within.

I used the pink ribbon synonymous with breast cancer awareness and actually created a 3D pink ribbon. it was the only pink ribbon I could find so it’s slightly lighter than the colour that’s normally used but that’s ok.

Hope yo like it! I thought it was cute. See my first BREAST CANCER AWARENESS X MADAM GLAM here!


Tips to reduce my risk of breast cancer?

Research shows that lifestyle changes can decrease the risk of breast cancer, even for those considered high risk.

  • Limit alcohol. The more you drink, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. The general recommendation — based on research on the effect of alcohol on breast cancer risk — is to limit to less than one drink a day. Even small amounts increase risk.
  • Quit smoking. Evidence suggests a link between smoking cigarettes (tobacco etc) and breast cancer risk. More so in premenopausal women.
  • Manage your weight. Being overweight increases the risk. If obesity occurs later in life, particularly after menopause, this is more important.
  • Stay physically active. Physical fitness can help keep a healthy weight. Most healthy adults are advised to aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity weekly. As well as strength training 2 or more times a week.
  • Breast-feed. The longer you breast-feed, the greater the protective effect.
  • Limit hormone therapy (dose & duration). Combination hormone therapy for more than three to five years increases the risk of breast cancer. There might be other options for menopausal women. If the benefits of short-term hormone therapy outweigh the risks, best to use the lowest dose that works for you and continue monitoring.
  • Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants. Medical-imaging methods, such as X-rays or CT (computerized tomography) scans, use high doses of radiation. More studies are needed, but some research suggest links between breast cancer and cumulative exposure to radiation over one’s lifetime. By having these tests only when absolutely must, you can reduce your exposure.


I scheduled these ahead, as if you saw my IG post I had to leave really suddenly for an emergency – which ended actually at being two emergencies. In case you missed that temporary post, everything’s up in the air at the moment and it’s been really stressful, so thanks for the patience while things get back on track again 💖 Note that I will have no reception during that time so will reply to comments on return 😉


This ends my Breast Cancer Awareness Tips & Nail Art – Madam Glam Charity Collab post.

See below for full details and notes on this polish.



Name: Think Pink collection – available here on the Madam Glam online store
USE MY CODE: BUFF30 for 30% off your Madam Glam order
Brand: Madam Glam
Collection: Core Collection
Colour (or family): various Pinks
Type & Finish: Cremes
Size: 15ml / 0.5oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy, this is 2 thin coats for both colours. All cured with the Madam Glam 48w Holi UV LED Lamp (read my detailed review in this post).

The Verdict:
These slightly dusty colours are pure perfection! They apply really well and I just love how well they work together.

The light one is such a flattering pink it would suit so many complexions both dark and light and would be a good one to have in your collection.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:

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    These two are pretty as well and love the ribbon <3

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