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Happy New Year 2021 & Update

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year 2021 …and let you know I’m still here haha!

Have been updating where possible, again it’s difficult to do right now. Stuff’s also been a bit delayed with all the new clusters and outbreaks and rule changes affecting the important things that have been happening in my world (- which are obviously going to be in full swing until they’re not). So it might be a little inconsistent with the posts & posting of posts, until I’m done with the priorities, and the current bucket of things I must do.

It was a hectic end to one of the worst years on record in this neck of the woods, so even though the gruelling schedule hasn’t let up, I’m sooo excited it’s no longer 2020!!!

Having had to forego many things, say no to many more and endure A LOT, has been less than fun. But hopefully can get back to accepting more collaborations, chasing up others, doing more again before too long.

Thanks for collab-ing, commenting, reading, following and sharing the nail love 🖤 Have a great year – how did your 2020 rate & tell me what you hope for in 2021 below!


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  1. Ananka 7th January 2021 Reply

    Happy New Year 😀

    Let’s hope 2021 is better. I feel like I have wasted a year of my life that I cannot get back! Oh well at least I got to paint my nails and blog more!

    Take care x

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 14th January 2021 Reply

      Thank you! 💖 I hope yours has been off to a good start – or will be soon, as I’m guessing you’re in lockdown?

      It’s a bit like that, last year was a write off. Sadly I got to nail & blog less, doh! 😂 I do think overall 2021 will be better, but there’s still challenges & hard stuff ahead meanwhile. It’s flying by so far!?

      But take care too X

  2. Pricebye 24th January 2022 Reply

    Enjoy every moment. Share warmth and sincerity. Always be positive!

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