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Happy Nail Year 2015

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It’s a New Year and I for one am ECSTATIC to see the arse end of 2014!
Don’t let that double bi-fold, impenetrable stainless steel door hit you on the way out hehe…

‘Twas a doozy indeed – not just for me but for a great many people that I know. But yeah, especially in my opinion. I mean I am hoping yours wasn’t as harsh, but really I was happy to watch that clock tick over at midnight. New territory 2015.

And since not much could get worse than last year, it purports that the new year can only be much better. Yep, even if it is banal and dismal (that is quite literally how much I thought of 2014).

I’m not one for resolutions per se, since if I want to do something, I just do it then and there or as needed without needing to wait to ring in a ‘new number’ or a Harbour fireworks display to start it. Instead I tend to make a shortlist of goals and things I’d like to achieve or do. So let’s just say in advance that I hope the fresh start brings all of you good things. Oh, and lots of polish never hurts… 😉


Do you have any goals and aspirations? Even just basic hopes for the new year? Spill.


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