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Naught for November 2014


After being off to a flying start, post-August potholes, there’s been a further little hiccup. A so called spanner in the works that left me unable to continue with the existing plan for the end of this year. I ended up very seriously hospitalised and am still recovering, which I will be forced to do for a little while. I guess it’s one way to get that “vacation”…right?? Can’t say the food was any good but at least there was some decent company haha.

In essence this has altered the plans I had to open the online shop in early November and meant I can’t wear as much nail polish at the moment (whilst undergoing tests etcetera). So obviously posting here and on social media will be a little more sporadic than I had hoped. I shall do what I can. The online shop opening has also had to be pushed back until early 2015 when I am better able to function and such endeavours are a bit easier. Sad face. But unfortunately health comes first in this instance. I will get back into the swing of things when I can and aim to pick up the pace as recovery permits. xx


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