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Happy New…er, NAIL Year 2019! – Goals, Aims & Wrap Up

HAPPY NEW, I mean…NAIL YEAR!!! May 2019 bring you lots of happiness, prosperity & good health 💖 Oh and a bucketload of polish ✌ Thanks to all who supported, liked, commented (and in the face of biased algorithms, generally made an often buggy platform more bearable) in 2018.

And thanks also to all the brands I’ve worked with for allowing me to show off your products – it’s been a delight.

So here’s my 2018 wrap up:

It was a mixed year, with bursts of good runs mixed with bursts of inability. I was plagued with a ridiculous amount of tech issues (dying hard drives, tech that decided to go cactus, currently a damaged screen awaiting repair) and as mentioned, been laid up recuperating from a back issue, so the last few months have been filled with sporadic postings. All of which should improve in the new year – finger’s crossed.


I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Reason being, if I want to do something, I’ll just do it (wherever possible). I have ongoing goals and don’t have a need to wait for a ‘round number’ or special date to make changes. But that’s just me.

I’m pretty good at doing what needs to be done, when required and it is possible. Some things do depend on how much I have going on in other areas of life and the need to prioritise (this often outweighs some of the nail related stuff). That said, I am all about the work/life balance and as surprising as it is, cannot spend my entire waking existence just on one hobby. So currently I do what I can in terms of nail art while recovering.


I do have some nail related aims for 2019, and these include:

  • Get back into video tutorials – IG & YouTube videos. These I’ve been unable to do for several months
  • More YouTube – again, I miss this and had to let it slide a little. Both the above were affected by busyness, tech gremlins & an inability to sit for long periods due to the back injury, so aiming to get into that in the coming months when I can deal with it again.
  • Features and Articles – I am going to be expanding the website a little over the next year and this includes more article based content, interest pieces and the like. Not just nail art
  • In Depth How-To’s – a deeper look at how to do nail related things, or how things work for example
  • Be able to do more of the nail art I love: freehand, complex things, abstracts, you know…a lot of the things I have had to skip in the past several months and throughout the year
  • Some Mani Swaps (outside Mani Swap Circle) – it has been a while since I did one-on-one swaps…
  • Catch up on posts
  • Get my damaged screen replaced now they can finally order parts again with festive season almost out of the way!


So I’m a little later than hoped in posting all my year end stuff (again try wrenching away a phone on New Year’s Eve to borrow haha) but I hope you had/are having a safe time. Do you have any goals or plans for the New Year? Nails or otherwise. Sound off in the comments below 🙂


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