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Hand-Painted Kawaii Avocados Nail Art

These Hand-Painted Kawaii Avocados are a late addition to the July Challenges I’ve misssed. HOLY GUACAMOLE! I FREEHANDED! Something simple, but it still counts 😉 These were my Kawaii Avocado Farm nails for @clairestelle8challenge Farm Life prompt inspired by an @uberchicbeauty stamping plate.


It’s a bit late. Couldn’t post it, before. Adding more delays to my backlog due to some sad news that came, so kinda been preoccupied recently. [So excuse any continued delays in replies to messages & comments on posts and socials.]


But while life kicks my HASS, I haven’t hit GUAC bottom. (Don’t groan, that took me 10 minutes to come up with 😂 I’m knackered)… This isn’t my best looking paint job, but given the continued inundation and resulting lack of nail art, wanted to do something. Fast or not.

Shitty photo below as it was taken under Fruit Shop-fluoros. Eww! I look so pasty haha. But yum to the avocado.

If you’re lucky, there might even be a video tutorial. But given the backlog, I’m not making promises. I’ll AVO crack at it though (ok, now groan 😉) #clairestelle8uberchic If you want to see more use the hashtag there.

ALSO: I managed to squeeze in the editing of that “Hand-Painted Kawaii Avocados” video tutorial (delayed yes, but better late than never, right?) which you can see below on mah YouTube:

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