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Mani Swap Circle – Owls for Int’l Women’s Day

Here is the nail art I did for the Mani Swap Circle collab (you can see the collage in the previous post!). I was assigned to do a set from Izzy @cutizzles who had lots of cute options to pick from (cats, aliens, penguins in beanies haha), but I settled on these sweet little owls. Why, you ask? Uh, cos OWLS!! Plus I thought they’d look great in violet and OWLS ARE A HOOT! (…groan)

You can see other entrants using #maniswapcircle. So enjoy the mani and allow to leave you with one more terrible joke (because seriously, if the internet wasn’t about to cut off, I could keep going all night):

Q. What do you call an owl dressed in armour?
A. A Knight Owl


This is the final collage. The theme colour was dark purple in keeping with the International Women’s Day with which it coincides-ish. Wed 8th March is the actual day. So many pictures! I’m somewhere on the right… I’d better post the actual mani to Insta before the internet cuts off again! Lucky this one’s timed 😀

Also the original mani – which I had to recreate in dark purple:

A post shared by Izzy 🇬🇧 (@cutizzles) on

See you for next month’s!




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