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A quick update post to add links to the Feature Articles I’ve written so far! More to come when things settle.
I often pin these at the top of the front page for a while, but eventually must replace them. So I have created this updateable sticky post to add the links to important things and recent feature articles or extended read material (until I can find a fix for the menu bar – which seems to have an aversion to long titles in sub-menus?! 😁🙈).

UPDATES: [First published May 2019]

Aug 2020: Huge delays with upgrades and parts (so am behind), but did my best to update this, some posts and get to a few things whilst I could log in elsewhere. Should ease up in coming months… Excuse the lack of feature articles, it’s been pretty tough. What a year…!

June 2020: Still having trouble posting to social media. Will be without access as I get some upgrades done in the next month or two.

Mar 2020: Can’t post on social media – the darn apps are so buggy. There is also a heck of a lot going on at the moment. Already was, now it’s just ON TOP OF A DAMN PANDEMIC, so things will be a little crazy around here for the near future.

2020 has so far continued recent difficulties, requiring urgent action. Had to halt anything else (and am remote). Aim to be back soon as poss. Appreciate your understanding and patience.


You can read my latest LAMP REVIEWS:

In-Depth Review of Madam Glam’s 48w Holi UV LED Nail Lamp (latest post)

A Detailed Look At The Spaceship (AKA The Picture Curable UV LED Lamp)


Check Out My General Reviews:

An Epic Review of Picture Curable Lacquer – The Whole System From Go To “Whoa!”


And Monthly Feature Articles not in the above categories:

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 – Living Coral (matching colours & nail polish suggestions)

Stay tuned for more features, and feel free to send ideas if there is something nail related you’d like discussed.


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