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Cthulhu – Femme Fatale COTM, Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches

Today I have a preview of the latest coming month’s limited edition installments from beloved Aussie Indie brand Femme Fatale. This polish is Cthulhu – 1 of 2 @femme_fatale_cosmetics Femme Fatale Colour of the Month’s (COTM) for Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches below.

The full details and description of this lacquer is listed below the images in The Rundown section.

Buff-&-Polish Cthulhu – Femme Fatale COTM, Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches

Check out those flakies in the bottle shot below.

Buff-&-Polish Cthulhu – Femme Fatale COTM, Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches


Such a lovely contrast with the colours in this thermal.

Buff-&-Polish Cthulhu – Femme Fatale COTM, Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches




I hope you enjoyed the Cthulhu – Femme Fatale COTM, Oct 2018 – Polish Swatches photos.

See below for details and notes on this polish.
And check out the other COTM installment in this post here. And the FOTM’s too!



Name: Cthulhu – available here at Femme Fatale online. See here for stockists & distributors.
Brand: Femme Fatale
Collection: COTM
Colour (or family): Pink
Type & Finish: ‎Thermal, Flakies
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and this is 32 thin coats with top coat. Another flawless application. October’s first Colour of the Month is a striking thermal: running purple (cold) to teal (warm), with a green shine and gorgeous green-blue iridescent flakes 💙 See them in that bottle shot! 😍 This one’s opaque in 3 coats and is very reactive

This is available now as a limited edition pre-order, until 9pm, October 6th 2018 [AEST] ✌

The Verdict:
This one was so reactive and I couldn’t stop playing with it on hot and cold items just to watch it change.

Important Notes:

Cthulhu COTM – available at Femme Fatale online. See here for stockists & distributors.
It’s available as a pre-order for $13 before GST, from (9am) October 2nd – 6th (9pm), 2018 (the timezone is AEST).
[I’ve provided a handy clock below, to help you make sure you place your orders in time.]

Current local time at Femme Fatale HQ – Australia/Brisbane

Femme Fatale COTM (Colour of the Month) polishes are a limited edition shade usually available for pre-order for a limited time at the beginning of each month.

Femme Fatale FOTM (Fiend of the Month) polishes are an exclusive only available to members of Femme Fatale Fiends (the FF Facebook group, that’s a direct link) so go check it out if you are on Facebook. You need to be part of the group to get your hands on these babies. The FOTM shades will not go to stockists.

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