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Ulta3 Superstar Collection – Spring/Summer 2015, Swatch & Review

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I picked up these from a chemist by chance. They are an Aussie brand Ulta3 (similar to NYX). They had some decals and stickers available – themed to match with the ‘star’ theme. And galactic metallics that ‘shimmer and shine’ in this collection. Let’s take a look. (I’m sorry, my poor fingers are a bit battered and not looking the best so just squint and pretend it isn’t like that. I’m a bit meh and have a ton of other things to do, so this was just a quick and nasty rush session.)


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Galactic


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Ozone


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Meteorite


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Comet


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Plutonic


Ulta3 Superstar LIMITED EDITION – Orbit

They do look a little brushstrokey in these shots but that is because they are up close and the way they are lit makes it really obvs. You can’t notice it in real life. I did a few stamping tests and can say that they are great for stamping which is always a plus. I love the Mundos, but I know there is a lot of growing concern for some about using polishes where they don’t know the active ingredients, especially after the recent Mentality Polish shitstorm. It’s a fair call and I too like to know what ingredients are used, so I’m always keeping an eye out for good stamping polish alternatives to add to the stash.

These polishes are seemingly harder to find than other brands. I was very surprised that they were next to the counter. ALL OF THEM. I mean like, woah Nelly! That almost never happens. So home they came.

If I did have to have a few gripes about these polishes, it would not be specifically with these ones, just the rollout and availability of this brand in general. There seems to be some inconsistency with the releases. Half the time you can never find the new polishes, let alone know when they are coming out. You just have to get lucky. If they get new ones in at a particular store, that doesn’t seem to be a guarantee that they will get the new releases next time. You usually already have to go bin-diving to hunt out a shade – the default displays are normally a ‘bottles in a huge pile’ method. The inconsistency is frustrating to a lot of people out there. A little more regularity, ease of finding the products and some forewarning to generate excitement would really improve this brands standing with polish nerds. And maybe more accessible information about a collection or colours wouldn’t go astray. Just saying.



Name: Include – Galalctic, Ozone, Meteorite, Comet, Plutonium, Orbit
Brand: Ulta3
Collection: Superstar 2015
Colour (or family): Various:
Type & Finish: ‎Metallics
Size: 13ml

Formula & Application notes:
The formula was easy to apply with it’s medium brush, and most shades are opaque with one thick coat -though I prefer two thinner ones to avoid potential bald spots. I did at least 2 for photographic purposes and no top coat. They stamp very decently too, so I’d recommend them for stamping polishes if you like coloured metallics.

The Verdict:
Nice to see a different finish from this mostly pharmacy-found polish. They don’t seem to have many metallics, let alone a whole set of them, so it was a nice score. If they are what you are into, just be aware that they ARE Limited Edition, so I’d highly suggest that you grab them there and then if you see them. Or phone a friend?

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
There’s a bunch of similar colours in other brands for sure but no specifics that I can think of at silly o’clock.

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  1. julia 29th December 2015 Reply

    Wow your nails look so lovely, I like this manicure thanks for sharing!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 29th December 2015 Reply

      Thank you 💖 I love metallics!

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