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31DC2018 Day 30: Inspired by Tutorial – Oddball Candy Ball Smoosh

Catching up with posting the final images of the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. I did this for Day 30’s Inspired by Tutorial prompt. For this I chose to do a gel Oddball Candy Ball Smoosh. Oddball cos it was half finished.  [Explore entries on Instagram #31DC2018 ]

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 30 Tut - Candy Ball Smoosh


I failed to pick a specific tutorial due to the tech issues that have plagued the latter half of the month – super great timing, video issues and all. So I did a combo mani using techniques that I’m dead set sure there’d be tutorials of out there. I wanted to play and be experimental.

Not sure if I like it that much to be honest. It’s okay, not my best experimental outcome, but it’ll do. I was going to add other 3D stuff to it, but just left it as is due to time and trying to do things one handed was a bit of a PITA, haha.

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 30 Tut - Candy Ball Smoosh


I was half going for an abstract space look. At least I knew I wanted to do a silver candy ball with some teeny star glitters I had. I did a smooshed base using a stamper head and then stamped over it, sticking the gel Candy Ball as an accent on the middle finger. It really needed more bling, but to be honest, I’m not so caring about finer details at 1am. Just wanted to get this done and dusted that day!

I just have to post the last one and then I will be on my way to a wrap-up, catching up on the comments and other manis, and Halloween/Autumn for a bit. Don’t forget the finisher badges if you need one or completed the Challenge too!


And that wraps up my 31DC2018 Day 30: Inspired by Tutorial – Oddball Candy Ball Smoosh mani.

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