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31DC2017 Day 10: Swiped Gradient

Day 10 of 31DC2017 is Gradient: I did a Swiped Gradient for kicks. I also felt a touch experimental and used the @linanailartsupplies Make Your Mark 03 gradient stamp since I wanted to create a slightly messy, abstract gradient.

I’m running a bit behind with challenge month, as September has proved more “challenging” in itself in general. Making this Challenge Month³ x 10⁴ 😂 You feel me?

Polishes from @hit_the_bottle were Hello Buttercup, The Yolks On You!, Drop Red Gorgeous &Everyday I’m Truffling 😍 these stamping polishes always work like a charm


@clairestelle8challenge this week’s prompt is Stained Glass, so that dictated the colour choice & style. Like when the various coloured glass slightly mixes together if it hasn’t been separated by the lead piping (aka the ‘black bits’).

Got some important life stuff going on that’s taking up all my time & energy, but hoping to grab a couple of days in between to catch up on everyone’s posts & get ahead xx




  • Hello Buttercup – Hit the Bottle
  • The Yolks On You! – Hit the Bottle
  • Drop Red Gorgeous – Hit the Bottle
  • Everyday I’m Truffling – @hit_the_bottle


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