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Where Art Thou? MAY/JUNE UPDATE! (Temporary Post)

Just a quick note to say I finally was able to access my site after a May that was filled with tech gremlins.

And now my website will not show feature images due to some coding error that is driving me mad… Seriously, enough already!?

If you saw on social media I suffered from a hugely frustrating and unfortunate double whammy with tech gear failing at the same time, and it had to get sent off for repair and reinstall. So haven’t been very social or able to post or create nail content.

Thankfully I had backups for most stuff, but it turns out I still lost about 2 weeks work & have had to reshoot a whole bunch of things. I have been setting everything up from scratch and having a terrible time trying to get things to how they were at the same time. In fact had to start over a few times due to stupid conflicts and being unable to open or access my video editing & graphics software.

So apologies for the silence – I will be back shortly, sporadically until this is sorted. It is taking longer than expected because this is just not my month. And for anyone waiting for reviews from me: I have been doing the best I can to get things re-done, as been healing an injury, but I ask for your patience a little bit longer. I am only human and can only do so much to speed this up – unfortunate things beyond my control happen and I don’t want to compromise on quality.

Stay tuned! I’ll have some exciting news & reviews coming from Madam Glam, Mitty Burns, Hit the Bottle, Picture Polish and Born Pretty, as well as some new (well newly posted) Opallac Gel and arty stuff starting this week. Before returning to a more regular schedule! 😉


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