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Mega Multi Challenge Mani with Pink Colour Changing Gel

I have had a billionty other obligations, so to kick-start the month of May Challenges, I did one Mega Multi Challenge Mani with Pink Colour Changing Gel. This Opallac gel is called Poured in Pink and you’ll have a better view of this in coming weeks, but I have used it as the base for this cluster of challenges!

It sounds more complex than it is, and that’s cos I miraculously had stamping images that fit all the prompts. For ALL 4 CHALLENGES! So in a sense I got lucky haha. But here we go, your mani with the mostest. From your ghostess hostess with the mostest!


We have the covered the following challenges and their prompts/dates:

Like that’s not enough to cram into one small nil space and pull it off? Proud moment 😁


See below’s overview of the challenge month that I’m attempting to take part in. Some, not all! I’m not that much of a die-hard and struggle with way more limits than regular folk as it is, so I will do what I can, when I can. It’s all about the fun and getting some inspo to do something different with a theme.


Right, let me preface this by saying: I’m not *that* much of a sucker for punishment! Uh, no thanks I will not be doing every single prompt, in every single challenge – cuz ain’t no-one got time fo’ dat! 😂😂 Oh my spleen!

However here’s a bunch of nail art challenges I’m going to attempt some of.
At some points.
During May.
In and around all the other stuff.
Some for the first time!
So watch as I pop my Challenge-🍒
Maybe I’ll even get to post ’em this time.

And yeah, that is a smoke-cloud head in the top image. Why? Because merely attempting to complete all challenges would result in one’s head exploding 💥

One last look for the road. Til next time peeps!





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