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Leaf Me Alone – Stamped Autumn Mani

I finally have more nail art for you – a mani I named: Leaf Me Alone – Stamped Autumn Mani that was supposed to be shown before it changed seasons. But you know how it is when things go haywire. Pretty much summarises my entire end of 2018 haha.

Buff & Polish - Leaf Me Alone - Autumn Mani


I really liked how this turned out. I did it back when I went with Coffins for a quick change a few months back. I also combined matte with gloss because I love mixing up the textures and wanted to do a mixed texture mani for Iva’s (@secretjewelgarden#TtextureTuesdayMani . So it’s a day late but given the broken screen issue, posting is currently already all over the shop.

Buff & Polish - Leaf Me Alone - Autumn Mani

It was reverse stamped with a bunch of polishes – mostly kept within the lines LOL, but also with matte stamping for the textured effect. And then topped with some crystals for interest.

And that concludes my Leaf Me Alone – Stamped Autumn Mani Post. See the products & supplies list below!

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