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Gilded Mystique – Hit the Bottle PPU, Aug 2019 – Polish Pickup Swatches

Hey nailistas! I have a new preview of the coming month’s limited edition installments from Aussie Indie brand Hit the Bottle. This stamping polish is Gilded Mystique – Hit the Bottle‘s inclusion in the Polish Pickup (PPU) for Aug 2019 – Polish Swatches below.

The full details and description of this lacquer is listed below the images in The Rundown section.

This is a metallic purplish-leaning slate blue with a golden shimmer – which is apparent in the bottle shots that I tried to light so you could see it, is the August stamping polish. One of TWO items from Hit the Bottle for the Polish Pickup coming soon.

Buff & Polish - Hit the Bottle, HtB PPU Gilded Mystique, Aug 2019

Buff & Polish - Hit the Bottle, HtB PPU Gilded Mystique, Aug 2019

SWATCHES – Hit the Bottle, PPU Gilded Mystique, Aug 2019 Polish Pickup


I was going to pair it over something light but I did that with the last HtB PPU, so decided to do a floral theme over a midnight blue combo, using Hit the Bottle’s Sweet Child of Lime for the green starry accents. Another stunner of a stamping polish by the way…! Florals from MoYou London Botanical collection and Leaves from UberChic’s Woodland Chic plates.

Buff & Polish - Hit the Bottle, HtB PPU Gilded Mystique, Aug 2019

Pretty, huh?

I hope you enjoyed Gilded Mystique – Hit the Bottle PPU, Aug 2019 – Polish Pickup Swatches photos.

See below for details and notes on this polish.



Name: Gilded Mystique – available online at ThePolishPickup.com. (Restricted dates)
Brand: Hit the Bottle (visit site)
Collection: Polish Pick Up [PPU] Colour (or family): Golden Slate Blue
Type & Finish: Metallic with Shimmer
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
FOR WEAR AS A REGULAR POLISH: This shade is very pigmented and smoothly applies when sponged on – it’s opaque and takes 2 thin coats for full opacity. Quality stamping polish should never be expected to wear as well as a regular polish due to the high pigmentation. Though I have a few tricks I use to make it last longer.

These are: first sponging it on, to keep it thin and smooth. Then top with gel top coat for longer wear, or 2 coats of a quality top coat (like Seche, Glisten & Glow etc) for shorter wear.

STAMPING POLISH: Another fluid, yet super pigmented polish, with flawless application. Stamping is the intended application and it was lovely to use on clear, marshmallow and opaque silicone stampers that I tested it out with. Despite being pigmented you still have a little time to work with it and it creates a lovely metallic look suited for over bright and dark bases.

The Verdict:
Loved it! HtB’s creator makes excellent stamping polishes that stamp well over lights and importantly, black. This one totally does that as it is a shimmery metallic. It looks great over lights and darks as well, as you can see in the swatch pics above.

It’s technically a steely blue base, but the cool golden sheen makes it appear like a cool purple-ish lavender shade on my  nails and under my lights. So it has various personalities depending on the scene.

I really enjoyed how nicely this one flowed. The golden shimmer is apparent in the bottle and in certain light on the nail. Indie/Blue/Purple/Metallic-lovers will enjoy this shade. But as this is limited edition, you’ll want to add this to your list now and set yourself a reminder to grab one during the window listed below.

Important Notes:

Gilded Mystique PPU – available online at ThePolishPickup.com.
It’s available as a pre-order for $9 USD – Capped at: 200, UK cap 15 bottles.
From Aug 3rd at 1am – 6th at 2pm, 2019 AEST (this is the converted AEST timezone).
Local US time for each month’s sale is 4 days: 1st Friday at 11 AM, through Monday at 11:59 PM  (EST)
[I’ve provided a handy clock below, to help you make sure you place your orders in time in either timezone.]

Current local time AEST – Australia (East Coast)

Below: US EST Time


How It Works:

The Polish Pickup (PPU) polishes are a limited edition shade usually available for pre-order for a limited time at beginning the First Friday of each month (US Timezone).

THE CONCEPT: Each month PPU brings you a variety of polishes from indie makers based on a theme voted on by you. Voting takes place on the website. Indie makers can come and go as they please, and all are welcome.

PRE-ORDER TIMES: The Shop is open for pre-orders/goes live the first Friday at 11 AM EST, of each month and stays open for four days, through to the following Monday at 11:59 PM EST.  This is the ONLY time frame in which the monthly polishes will be available for purchase.  The remainder of the site remains open all month long for browsing and communication purposes.

You can read more in the PPU official FAQ. Find the Polish Pickup on Instagram.


Check the PPU site to be notified of these releases and more.


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  1. Winnie 24th July 2019 Reply

    I like the metal like polishes -this one is a really nice color. I havent been able to try these stamping polishes yet but I heard many good things about them.

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 29th July 2019 Reply

      Metallics are great and Hit the Bottle are generally my favourite stamping polishes.
      They don’t stink like some and are really pigmented so they work really well over darks!

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