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f-Oil Slick On Black Market

With my earnest sense of Dad-jokes, it should be no surprise I’ve named this one f-Oil Slick on Black Market. I mean check it out. How good does she look?

This is one smooth-arse version of OIL SLICK NAILS, if I do say so myself. Gel makes the perfect base for using nail foils in art due to it’s great self-levelling properties, which give it the perfect canvas.

To apply foil to gel you have two options. My preferred is foil glue – specifically designed to work at adhering foils. This is better for fuller or precise coverage. For sporadic, patchy foiling options you can sometimes press it down into the tacky layer, but depending on the gel brand, this can be hit or miss. Some polishes create less tack than others (which is more ideal for using this method), but you can sometimes have less control over where your foil goes than if using glue. Which can be a plus for abstract nail art.

Video and more pix to come!





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