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Blooming Gel, Bows & Wine with Sherry Spark – with Born Pretty Review

Blooming Gel, Wine & Ribbons, all wrapped up in a bow… Here’s a pre-Valentine’s mani using Sherry Spark by @opallacgelpolish as reviewed earlier in this post. A wine-coloured gel polish. Also with a review for Born Pretty Store Blooming Gel in White.

I wanted an organic backdrop for the ribbon charm, so I was playing around with some white blooming gel which I’ll be reviewing & demonstrating more in depth very soon. You can see the way it spreads, or ‘blooms’ with coloured gel. This art gel is available in clear or white versions. I am showing you the white one.

I will be showing a range of ways to use it and probably be doing a video as it will be far easier to demonstrate. So keep an eye out for that or subscribe to my YouTube or BlogLovin to see when it goes live.


You can find Sherry Spark at Opallac or @pricelineau. The White Blooming Gel is from @bornprettystore [ITEM NO: 41189 – use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% of your orders]. Full review of that item coming in the near future. Inthe meantime get it at  www.bornprettystore.com.

To use the White Blooming Gel, do the following:

  1. Prepare your nails with gel base coat and cure in your UV / LED lamp, as per brand instructions
  2. Apply a layer of white blooming gel and cure in your UV / LED lamp.
    I recommend curing for 60 secs in an LED, 2 mins in tunnel lamp for all layers of blooming gel with my instructions.
  3. Apply a second layer of white blooming gel, but Do Not Cure It!
    It is better if you apply this layer thinly, as it woks better.
    (I will show why when I have time to do a video tutorial.)
  4. Use a brush, or even a dotting tool dipped in a different colour gel polish – better if you use an opaque one, now draw whatever you like on your nails into the wet, uncured second layer of Blooming Gel
  5. Let it settle for a minute or so, as the blooming gel will gradually spread, or “bloom”
  6. When happy with it, cure it under UV/LED lamp
  7. Seal it with UV TOP COAT, and cure under UV/LED lamp, as per brand instructions

You can create flowers, abstract lines like mine above, flourishes…many things. It is fun to play with!

I will be showing different techniques in the video demonstration. It won’t be coming yet because I need to wait for the right items so I can film it and that may be a month or two away. I still don’t have all my gear yet and am waiting for replacements to arrive. And it will be quite a bit of effort this one, so I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.





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