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31DC2018 Day 16: Geometric – Reverse Striped Gradient

Continuing with the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. We’ve hit Day 16’s Geometric prompt. For this I chose to do a Reverse Striped Gradient.  We’ve made it halfway – to the midpoint in this often tortuous Challenge. But thank the Polish Fairies for that. Cos it’s a little less painful knowing you got this far.

 Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 16 Geometric Gradient


This was going to be for the gradient prompt, but I shifted all those days around to post my MoYou London entries, and shifted it to here. It is still geometric, but not what I had planned for this prompt. Which was full blown 80’s print and hand-painted funkiness. It didn’t work out that way when I fell ill. Plus I had to do one of these at some point though and actually planned this one from the start. Also, back to those gradients ha!

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 16 Geometric Gradient


I used tape, a makeup sponge, and metallics to get the effect I wanted. It looks kinda cool, despite the nail curve making it harder to achieve consistent line thickness in some parts. Hard to get a good shot of it due to the colours being so similar and camera finding it harder to differentiate so I have shot it in a more shadowy setting so you can see the difference between them all.

On a sidenote: I am a little better, but still feeling slightly under the weather, and have had a bunch of sudden stuff come up in the next few days, so swatches/nails/posts might be either sporadic and/or all over the place (same with all that goes with it). Also trying to get a tech to see what the deal is with the constant net disconnections. So I’ll be back into it as soon as I can be.

ALSO: YAY TO HALFWAY!!! Congrats if you’ve made it this far!


And that wraps up my 31DC2018 Day 16: Geometric – Reverse Striped Gradient mani.  [Explore entries on Instagram #31DC2018 ]

Please read my Intro Post to see what goals and aims I have set for nail art in this year’s 31 Day Challenge. And how to join us or post your links so they appear in the group photo grid (InLinkz) below.

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  1. Zara TracesOfPolish 3rd October 2018 Reply

    Another stunning look! You are nailing this challenge!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 9th October 2018 Reply

      Wow, thank you so much!! I really appreciate that, it’s so nice to hear you think so 😊💕
      I’ve been trying to knock out a few ideas I had on my nails To-Do list, but haven’t had time for and thought the Challenge was the perfect time to do so.

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