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The 31 Day Challenge 2014

Being September it’s that time of the year where many other nail bloggers choose to complete the annual 31 Day Challenge for 2014. It has already started, but I am choosing to do it anyhoo. You can read this update for some background to the general delays and why I couldn’t start it on time.

I toyed with doing it in October but then thought, ah to hell with that. So many people do it in September that it would be a shame to miss it. To see what others are all doing in real time. And avoid the conflicts with Halloween. So I shall be busying myself whilst I am stuck resting with a minor polish-ffrenzy in order to catch up and will post when ready…

Enough of that. Shall we?




The 31 Day Challenge is a nail art challenge that is run for 31 days long. The participants do a new design each day to create nail art inspired by the 31 themes as listed in the above graphic. These themes are split up into three blocks: colors, styles, and “inspired by.” The original intent of the challenge was to post one different nail art design per day. Be warned: by the end of the month you may need a holiday haha…

For a complete FAQ and some more info on the challenge, you can read this page by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. Search the hashtag #31DC2014 to find this year’s efforts floating around on social media.

I’ll hunt down some In-Linkz so you can see other bloggers posts below mine. Meanwhile, bear with me whilst I make like the tortoise and CATCH UP!



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