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31DC2016 Day 04: Green Around The Gills

Day 4 of the 31 Day hallenge already! And we are at Green. So here is a super easy dry brush, brush stroke-y Green Around The Gills.


At least I managed to get something done as opposed to skipping a day, so it’s nothing too skilled here, but time poor so it is what it is. Didn’t want to take off my flowers though 🙁 They brightened my day…

I used the polishes below in a combo, and totally forgot to add some golden studs I had before realising it was too late. So just pretend haha.


Being a metallic, the gold top shade dries on the brush enough to create some cool brush stroke marks when you drag it along the base shade, which is why I went for a metallic. Plus I liked the colour. And as much as I love green as a colour, it tend not to wear it much in polish for some reason. Staining is probably one of them…


Been great seeing everyone post in the link up. Some days I have to come back and check out, but looking good so far and it’s early days. Don’t forget to add yours if you are coming from Instagram. We can thank Cathy for the stellar effort of arranging that, as she has for the last 3-4 years.




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  1. Midnight Stamper 4th September 2016 Reply

    Very pretty! I love that gold and green together.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 7th September 2016 Reply

      Thank you – I have a thing for gold metallics where I have to buy more. It’s sad, some might call it an addiction 😉 but I really like this one.

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