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31DC2014 Day 22: Inspired By A Song

Day 22 and we are powering through the challenge. But ugh! My poor cuticles are starting to feel the pain haha. Anyhoo the theme for today was Inspired by A Song. I did more like ‘inspired by an album’…


I couldn’t decide what to do (too many choices) until I got Aphex Twin’s new album Syro and thought hell yeah! It’s his first album since Drukqs in 2001. Which was like forever ago. So at least he remedied that one finally and recently said it won’t be his last. Which is good news for those who care.

The man knows how to make mind-bending ambient & electronica that sounds good yet remains experimental. On first listen this album is layered and shifts a lot.  You can see why from the gear list used to make this album. Thus rather than any one tune, my nail art for the day is a bit of an abstract industrial snapshot that represents the dreamlike flow of data-bytes and inner workings of electrical and digital components of the album. Like those transferred during production or playback.

My camera refused to pick up the metallic gradient below the blue metal top colour.
Still need to get a replacement one that works.
THE GEAR LIST for Interested Music Gear Heads

Here’s an old Aphex video clip. I wonder if Chris Cunningham is on board to direct/make more bent visuals for his new material. This is Windowlicker. (You can skip the extended intro at 3:50 mins):

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