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31 Day Challenge 2018 – Wrap Up Post #31DC2018

Well that was EPIC!? Finally finished the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. There are no more prompts cos I am done posting them! This is a wrap up of all how things went this year. I do realise it is October but I finished late and still wanted to evaluate. READ ON!

31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art ALL


Above is a collage of all the bumper manis I did this year. There were a lot.

So. How Did It Go?

On the whole, a success. I mean I finished it this year without being hospitalised, or having to up-end everything all of a sudden, so that is something haha. Though I faced hardship and battles, even wondered more than a few time WTF I was thinking by taking it on. Now that it’s over, I’m so glad that I did complete it. And am proud to be at this end of the journey. Stuff being back at the start, no freaking way!

Did I Meet My Goals

Yes, for the most part. Here is a list of aims I set at the start, if you read my Intro post, and how they panned out.

10/10 Did the whole damn thing, baby!
  • Actually DO some nail art! 😂 (Been a very hard few months where that’s all been on the back-burner)
8/10 Did this, not as much as hoped though
  • Incorporate more 3D nail art
8/10 Took some liberties, again could’ve done more without the fuck ups
  • Push the creative bounds a little – IF I have the time
10/10 Yup.
  • Try a few styles & techniques that I’ve wanted to do for a while
9/10 Sort of got to, so many more ideas
  • Do more of the things I love too – style-wise
Well sort of ran late & the rest hasn’t happened yet, so…
  • Post the challenge manis in September, but follow up with 31DC2018 video tutorials in the following months



Got to finally mark a whole bunch of stuff off my nails to do list. Also met a whole host of new peeps, as is part of the fun. I also cam eup with a whole host of ideas for things I’d love to do and try. Including much of the ones I had intended to complete but couldn’t due to the chaos or time. So I want to do those after October and the Halloween and Autumn manis.


Finishing later than the actual date and getting thrown off course.

To be honest I found it challenging to complete this year, with falling sick and suffering frustrating tech issues from just before hitting the halfway mark. I had periods where I couldn’t post due to disconnection issues and it all threw things off course. It turned the rest of the post timings out of sync for much of the remainder.

I was also left with extra stuff to do which left me feeling swamped towards the end, and meant that annoyingly I could not finish on time. So I wasn’t too pleased about that, as it has left October starting delayed and meant I had to put off my Giveaway (more on that in a tick).

But proud that I finished despite all the shit I had to deal with along the way. Whatever doesn’t kill you, …right?


Plans Going Forward

I have an itch to do a series of Halloween, Spooky and Autumn/Fall manis first. I really need to get that out of my system after seeing such  cool nails on Instagram in these themes.

Though I plan to continue doing more of the stuff I love (styles, techniques) and make time to do more freehand again, and 3d nail art. Inventing and experimenting would be a fun thing to focus on, and I’ve promised myself to make time for that.

Of course I can’t post complex stuff every single day, because that is just ridiculous. Much of the nail art I like to dabble in is more time consuming and can get complex (3D & freehand pursuits especially), so I plan to balance it out with regular nail stuff. Like stamping, simpler manis, etcetera. It allows me to post regularly but still do some basic things and still get experimental, as the mood dictates.

I’ll also be getting back into videos as the tech issue is fixed and time allows. I just need a little time to decompress and get back on track and finish my monthly obligations. It all takes TIME and as we all must tend to life outside nails, I do too, so this will be back soon.

After these wrap-ups, I will be holding that Giveaway that I had to delay due to the onslaught.


See the manis I did this year

31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art 31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art  31DC2018-Wrap-Up - Buff & Pollish nail art


Parting Words

Thank you so much to everyone that came and visited, left comments and showed support through this mammoth torture session (aka The Challenge). It was great to read your feedback and I really appreciate it all. Sorry if I missed anything or for delayed responses –  the tech issues and workload threw a spanner in that for a while.

I have yet to go back and check out all the InLinkz in the last section and some of the final nail art, as soon as I get on top of things here and have a moment (will be snowed under for several days, after a quick breather). However I look forward to seeing what I’ve missed. There’s only so many hours in the day. Also excuse the typos, it’s late.

I had a few favourites that I wished I could wear longer than less than a day. But that is the nature of the Challenge. Some I was a bit iffy about or didn’t get to complete as envisioned, but on the whole I went all out this year and think it is the best year I’ve had yet. In terms of variety and being able to finish it despite obstacles. Delays and issues aside.

Congrats to all the participants whether you finished or not, or did selectively. Thanks for the fun and inspiration. (If you need Finisher Badges you can grab them all here).

How did you go? Did you have any thoughts? Or favourite manis?


And that wraps up my 31 Day Challenge 2018 – Wrap Up Post #31DC2018 mani.

Please read my Intro Post to see what goals and aims I set for nail art in this year’s 31 Day Challenge. You’ve got until December ends to add or post your images and links so they appear in the group photo grid (InLinkz) below post pages.

See some of the other participants in the InLinkz below my social links, or check out the official hashtag on Instagram. You can also follow me on Instagram here – please do come and comment or say hi 🙂

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts below. Let me know how you found it if you did it too!


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